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Some fun experiences.

Post here for all your questions, stories and experiences, share with us.

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A few weeks ago, spouse and I were getting ready to turn in for the night. Our son was down and even the neighbors were quiet. Well, the spouse was in the bathroom and I was walking by to the bedroom. As I pass the bathroom door and hear the water running in the sink, there comes three to four distinct knocks on the door. They were loud and rattled the door in its frame.

Spouse opened the door and asked what I wanted. I just blinked and shook my head, "I thought you wanted something."

Nope. Neither of us had knocked on the door.

A couple of nights later, I stayed up to get some work done. Kicked back on the couch with the laptop and see an orange light, like a smudge in midair, move by my wire bookcase. When I look over, there is nothing where the light had been, but my earphones were swinging at a good clip. This was a few hours after passing my son's room (he's five) and seeing a 'hooded' shadow walk into his closet.

Have seen that before. Never with a menacing feeling and my son, who can see, too, is not afraid of anything in his room. So, I do not have any reason to believe it bad.

After the earphone thing, that night (spouse in the bedroom finishing an online assignment), I heard a strange whirring sound. Like a STRANGE whirring sound. Spouse and I had been watching TV before they headed off to finish coursework before bed and I stayed out to work. I looked EVERYWHERE in that living room for the culprit. I moved the table, my bookcases, the freaking couch. I called the spouse out to find this thing! They heard it, too. But it seemed to come from three to four directions. Wth...

Eventually, we pinpointed the sound. One of our son's motorized trains! It was in siding in one of his portable tracks. Si, basically, it had a roof protecting its top button from being activated. And neither of us had touched the thing. Our boy had not even been asleep for nearly an hour. So, how did it get turned on?

Last night, saw a black mass, like a puddle swim across the living room floor, behind our boy's Mickey recliner. Got a feeling of being followed down the hall, like something right up on my back. Cannot say I like the feeling, but it felt more curious/quizzical, like conducting an experiment. Quite a contrast to an 'impending' sensation. After that, nothing was noticed in the apartment.
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