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Advice, please! Ways to spiritually clean out my room and house, without hurting my bird!

Post here for all your questions, stories and experiences, share with us.

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So I've been cleaning out my house -- my literally insane father also happened to be a hoarder. Nearly ten years later we are still cleaning his messes.

And I am still struggling with remembering the horrible things he did around here.

So! I've been trying to clean out the spaces with better emotions.

It's incredibly difficult.

I tried looking into candles -- turns out they are toxic to birds... also humans...

I fear insence would hurt my bird -- she can't have things that are too smelly or sooty.

So! What have you don't to clear out spaces, spiritually especially? I'd like to kick out these negative things once and for all :)

Thank you :)
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I can relate to having a hoarder parent..sadly. Energies build up quickly.I know you made this post awhile ago,but I've read that sound can cleanse things vibrationally. Clapping.chimes. Things like that since you can't go with incense or sage. Hope that info helps in some way

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It wasn't too long ago! No worries!

And I like those ideas, thank you!
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