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The Mysterious Flies

Post here for all your questions, stories and experiences, share with us.

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My name is Cynthia Hanson. My dream is to build a franchise for the character of Mr. H.M. Wogglebug T.E. I used to have Richard Poshard as my voice actor for the character as I made films in IClone with him. But last year after we completed one IClone movie Richard and I turned against each other due to his becoming overbearing as a co-writer and we split.

And also this is THE most eerie thing ever about all of this. And it has forced to believe for myself in the paranormal, with or without YouTube videos mentioning such real life reports of such. Very shortly after I stopped talking to Richard when he disconnected me from his Skype. I woke up and saw (I didn’t count) but maybe 7 flies that WAY TOO BIG to be ordinary at all flying around in a confined space around my two computers that contain all the stuff me and Richard have done together over 7 years. They kept touching both computers but stayed confined to that particular area as if they were working on something by duty. hen three days later they just vanished without a trace, leaving as mysteriously as they had come. I KNOW they were NOT of our world and were sent for a purpose pertaining to me and Richard and our future for both of us.

And hopefully because I never killed, or even touched any one of them throughout the duration they were around my computers and I even kept myself at a respectful distance from them and the computers while they were there, will be a positive sign of hope for good karma to come in the future that will change my luck for the better.. That is because my love for the Wogglebug compels me to be just as respectful to insects especially bigger than ordinary ones that are not of our dimension which those flies were absolutely. I suppose they were either for a test of karma (am I STILL loyal and loving to my vision of the Wogglebug in my computer that has existed for 7 years?) The answer is yes, and I still have all the audio files and scripts still inside and know how and am prepare to transfer the all to my new Windows 10 computer. Hopefully it was just a test of karma that I have passed that is paving the way for a better change of luck in the future!

To this day I still don't know what the presence of those flies may have meant.

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What an interesting story!!

I've had some beautiful run ins with insects that didn't belong at all where I was at. I vowed to never use flytape again because of it. (Caught a beautiful praying mantis in the shape of a flower, large stick/leaf bugs, wooley spiders...maybe someone let their pets loose?) I have great respect for all beings on this Earth even 'gross' creepy ones like flies, spiders, mold, and snakes. They all have lessons to teach us.

Do you know of Ted Andrews? He has a wonderful book Animal Speak that talks about animals and their significance.

I think it was a message, one about transformation and new beginnings. Flies turn the dead, decaying, and negative parts of these world into new, more positive food for plants in the form of their composting abilities.

They also transform from egg, to larvae/pupae, then adult. Lots of transforming and change! I mean, a fat little worm gets legs and wings! I bet that could reference you starting anew without certain people your life.

Make sure to clean your workspace and keep negative energy at bay. Crystals are good especially around electronics like computers. Maybe offer some 'food' as offering to the flies in the form of a strawberry on the windowsill outside. Or meditate and imagine white light filling your workspace asking guidance for what's to come.

Either way, cool experience! I feel so touched when nature chooses me to express itself on. Even if in the form of nasty crawlies.

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Thank you for your reply. I also have respect for all being of this Earth. I try to at least. And I think you may be right about it being a message about change coming for both me and Richard. He has since joined a real production company and moved away from voice acting altogether. And I have since found a new voice for the Wogglebug and am now aspiring to get a real movie made about him like I always wanted somehow. I've gone through what seems like the same cycle of grieving over the loss of a loved one because of me and Richard splitting but I am now almost healed.

I would like to talk to you one on one sometime and tell you more about me.

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