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Ouija Boards

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So, I've always been curious about Ouija boards but have never used nor seen one. Having read the safest ways to use them, I began to search for a cheap yet decent one. I was wondering:
Do homemade Ouija boards work as well as bought ones?
Are there any special materials to use?
Have you used a homemade one, if so, with what results?
Thanks in advanced.
P.S I'm still in two minds about using one.

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There's another post somewhere about Oujia boards too but idk where it's at. :P

So! What an adventure you're going on. I'm glad you understand the dangers of using one and what I'm saying is for educational purposes only. I don't recommend anyone using an Ouija Board unless you're a professional. Aka you've done it before, know about exorcising, and clearing/cleansing. Saying that here's my take!

Ouija boards are similar, but different to other ways of spiritual communication. They require the 'paranormal entity' (good or bad) to use your body as a conduit to move a device across letters to spell. It attracts negative 'demons' or tricksters that feed off attention and fear. Attachments can form anywhere in the range of addiction to the activity of Ouijaing itself, or developing bad luck/intense emotions especially ones of anger.

I'd recommend safer forms of communication that respect your boundaries like selective meditation rituals, channeling specific higher light beings, tealeaves, or even runes/tarot/divination. (The latter can also have negative attachments but that's another subject) Pretty much anything that doesn't invite things in like Ouija can is best.

But! What lessons can be taught or doors opened with an Oujia board? Heck you could channel grandma or Satan through it who knows!

Handmade anything is always more potent.
It can go super in depth from selecting the tree from what the woods made to just slapping stickers on a cuttingboard. Either way, imbuing the object with your own energy, visualizing it's purpose, and mentally saying thanks to the Earth which the materials are made is where great magic comes from. If you can, choose a tree. Circle it and give thanks for the wood you'll be taking from it, and chop. Be sure to leave a couple pennies by the roots or a token of thanks in exchange for the wood you've taken. Oak, yew, apple work well but chose a tree you connect with. Then, using preferably red (black works too) paint, draw on the symbolic alphabet in Ouija style. You could even out numbers, runes, or other things on the board if want. Imagination! :) To make it especially strong use herbs mashed into the paint. 'Dragons blood ink' you can buy or even better make yourself. Bay, rose, sage, or any other oil that has magic properties works too. (Google is your friend here)

If you worry about negatives while using the board, there's many 'talismans' and amulets to use. The Sator amulet is very powerful. Keeps Demons away because they get stuck trying to read and figure out the message that repeats in circles. Keep in mind that banishing evil while you work might not give you the results you want. So you might want to purposely invite anyone and anything in but firmly state they'll leave once your done. (Clean yourself with sage etc. after to keep your word)

I've noticed a huge difference in homemade spirit communication devices. Runes especially. Good luck my friend! If your brave be sure to record your sessions too for EVPs and proof. :)

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