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When (Neutron) Stars Collide

Bringing some of the mysteries of the universe a little closer to home.

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Unread post Tue Oct 17, 2017 3:38 pm

Image Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/CI Lab

This illustration shows the hot, dense, expanding cloud of debris stripped from two neutron stars just before they collided. Within this neutron-rich debris, large quantities of some of the universe's heaviest elements were forged, including hundreds of Earth masses of gold and platinum.

This represents the first time scientists detected light tied to a gravitational-wave event, thanks to two merging neutron stars in the galaxy NGC 4993, located about 130 million light-years from Earth in the constellation Hydra

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For the first time, scientists have directly detected gravitational waves – ripples in space-time – in addition to light from the spectacular collision of two neutron stars.

This marks the first time that a cosmic event has been viewed in both gravitational waves and light.



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Neutron stars are the seeds of black holes. They are sacred. They need to dance with each other "just right" to seed the proper annihilation for ripping spacetime and creating the purist form of gravity that we can detect. This gravity pocket then becomes a black hole which affects spacetime around it and violently births galaxies by colliding matter with matter.

However, what truly matters is the speed of the black hole. When galaxies collide -- if they are travelling quickly, since gravity can at times be faster than light -- we may be able to observe the mysteries of dark energy and dark matter; the shadow influence of the relationship between gravity and matter; which may be an influencing resonance of gravity counterparts.

Love and darkness; love and light.

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