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The key to everything [knowledge of the universe]

Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:13 am
by Peacekeeper
Hello :peace: I found a way how to explain our existence. Why and how, we and everything around us does exist. The theory is testable like a math formula. Even though, you do have to put everything into question, if you can admit that your questions haven't been answered yet. And please don't look at this topic like I want to tell you how things are! This is not the purpose of this topic. This is only my solution that I share with you, how I see things. :thumbsup:

The key to everything:

Why is there something rather than nothing? First you should realize that the best proof for your very own existence, is yourself. You can see the things around you, you can feel, hear, touch, move, etc. You know you're there. A better proof doesn't exist.
Now to solve the question why something is there, rather than nothing, you have to figure out why nothingness can't be. Imagine there's nothing there at all (only pure nothingness). Whatever may make sense or seem logic to you, has actually no meaning if there's nothing there. Nothingness can't be because the meaning of nothingness can't exist without the existing things (something). This is the reason why something is there, rather than nothing. But what would be the exact opposite of nothingness? That's everythingness (something). Everythingness is simply there without a beginning (always there). Without a beginning because nothingness can't be at all. And without a beginning, there can't be an end either. It means that everythingness only can be pure limitlessness, because only limitlessness is unable to become nothingness (nothingness can't be at all). Everythingness = limitlessness. Limitlessness basically defines that there are no limits at all (no limits in every way). Everythingness is self-exciting and inexhaustible.

That was the key. This knowledge also solve many other questions. Here a few:

Is there a god? To solve this question, first you have to define the meaning of a god. A god is who created everything (a god is a creator) and is almighty. So the answer is no, because everythingness is there without a beginning (always there). Also, note that if you imagine pure nothingness, a god (creator) still counts as something. Therefore also, things like god among everythingness can't exist.

Are we alone? There are limitless different beings and worlds.

Why do I dream when I sleep? Logically because you stop being here when you fall asleep. But without a beginning, there can't be an end either. If you're not here, you're elsewhere. You can't end. The same applies to death. Life can only change, however it can never end. Therefore death and the life before this one is an illusion.
Is this real what I see and experience in my dreams? What you see and experience there is only as real as here and now. This is because there's no the realest place (things like god don't exist).

And that would be it actually. You can imagine about everythingness what else is out there (everywhere, wherever, whatever) forever. With this knowledge it is also very clear that the true meaning of life is only what you want.

More details to 'are we alone': I can give you more than a million examples how aliens exactly look like. Just type in a search engine (images), any cartoon, anime or movie character. Any picture is a real person somewhere. Even you can paint one. And that are only a few million examples! Imagine there are limitless different of them.