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Why there's something and not nothing Simply explained

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 10:37 am
by Peacekeeper
Well, why? There can't be 'nothing at all'! Because if there's nothing at all, there's also no sense or rule (physical law) to support the fact that there should be nothing! Attention! "Can't be" means never! Therefore if nothing can't be and something is instead of nothing, we have an existence with no beginning. Logically there can't be an end either without a beginning. So what is something? Well, the question isn't what is something! The question is: what is the exact opposite of nothing! And that would be: 'everything' or 'all existing things'. How much and how many different of them? No beginning and no end doesn't only represent a no time beginning. It also represents that there's no limit to the existing things. There's a limitless amount of the existing things. It is incredible to grasp! You can only understand the concept of 'limitless'. Simply that there's no limit to the existing things. They don't become more or less. There's just no limit, no end, that's all!

Well, if you have the feeling that your question is answered now and you want to know even more to this subject. I do explain more in my other topics. Like about our dreams, are we alone, is there a god, the afterlife, the life before this one, death, time and perpetual motion.

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