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A former lover passed away

Lost a loved one? Trying to cope with your loss or wish to help others?

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Sat Jun 10, 2017 9:28 pm

I was wondering if anyone could help me speak to him. I posted on another forum, the one where everyone is introducing themselves, as I am entirely new here. I miss my ex dearly and for an explanation, refer to the other post please (it breaks my heart to talk about it). I've lost people before but never this close. I really, truly loved him. A deep, piercing love. We broke up four years ago and he died at 23. Way too young. I'm new to encounters from the dearly departed, but I asked for him, Steven, to send me signs because I'm an idiot (lol) and I can't seem to figure them out! The day I found out he passed, my phone was acting up. I figured that was him. I've been talking to him outloud and in my head. He and I loved looking at bunnies outside his house, especially with his babcia (Polish for grandma). I asked him to send me a bunny to know he's okay and to forgive me for not attending his services. I saw a grey bunnola (we he cutest nicknames for things :3) last night and then 11 minutes before his funeral was to start, I was reading a reply to my post on the other forum, and I saw a little bunny walk up to my car, to under the front bumper and LOOK AT ME. HE NIBBLED ON SOME GRASS AND LOOKED AT ME. I took pictures (screen was in the way, whatever). I'm positive that was him. Am I crazy? What was he saying with that? Answering my prayers that he's okay and forgives me for not going? (My parents went in my absence and came back not too long ago. His family understands why I wasn't there). Please let me know!!! I'm new to ALL of this and shout out to Sam J for replying to me!

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Sat Jun 10, 2017 9:56 pm

Hi Cassey,

Welcome to the site and forum. Good to have you with us as part of the community. :D I'm so sorry to hear of a loved one being gone too long, sorry for your loss. I know words at times can't give or express the feelings you have gone through, but at least they bring some comfort. I saw that you have been asking for him to show some form of signs even though he has gone into the spirit world, he can still show signs to you he is still around. Some of those signs being just that what you have explained. You aren't crazy so no more saying that or even feeling it, as it does not help. It seems like the bunny is an iconic sign for you both and that being a sign of remembrance of how you remember him by. The bunny being the symbol. These signs are what shows that he is OK. When you feel the need to talk to a loved one out loud or in your mind never feel afraid to do so as they can always hear you. Take time to heal through this process big hugs---


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Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:04 pm

Thank you!

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Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:57 am

I can somewhat relate to you Casey89. I have an ex who I never stopped loving since the day I met her. We still keep in touch. I hate posted about my saga with her on the forum. I cannot imagine what I would do if something happened to her, and my heart goes out to you for your loss.

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