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AA wisdom & channelling

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Unread post Mon May 14, 2018 2:03 pm

Archangel Zadkiel & Raphael ~ I am the angel of helping restore trust in another. I do many things including help with positive manifestation. I am an earth angel that helps also with healing, traditional change and the mystical modern & western way.

We are one humanity, part of one educational system, where the dynamics are in alignment with each other. Impressions of thought will come in forms of thought and you will question the nature of this experience, you will learn and begin to know the ins and the outs of divine and angelic communication. Angelic communication will come forward as you open the link further, it does not always have to be for a person, but can resonate with a crowd of people in the same room. Release your universal tears of expression, awaken your inner selves, your true self knows it can talk to us anytime. Many of us know we are going through the stage of awakening though many of us do not share the same sentiment of element of belief. We are all learning therefore every single day in our lives - a channelling does not stop if a channeller stops, it still goes on until the messages are heard completely. The magic of Angel wings surround you and your pathway and will step in to help others on their path at their request.

The nature of this education is linked to the encouragement of Spirit, trusting in the healing hands that the information coming through is correct and vibrating higher to the right level of the awareness.
Channelling takes place when the energy vibrations are high.

(end of message! x)

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Unread post Wed May 16, 2018 1:44 pm

AA Ariel

I am the archangel helping with change and natural changes in the world. You know exactly what would happen when it comes down to making changes, but when you don’t know what doesn’t happen when you don’t make changes. The power of change can be as simple as anything, but then categorically, you are the change, be the change, build up to the change and own the change.

you know in your own personal power what needs to be done and clarified, you know exactly what needs to be done, the worldly education has been lost over time. Many are not used to the implications of what has been lost. History is re-inventing itself, and the state of awareness of many has lost character, faith, and judgements will take place.

This is a general message for ALL that wish to keep an open mind. It is important to know that - to keep an open mind. To keep your thoughts and intentions clear, concise so that the power of positivity remains free, positive action, positive intention - make sure it remains crystalline so that you know you are on the right path. The passage of time is changing, dimensional and universal shifts are happening around Earth. Mother Earth is changing & the world is as well but not always for the better. That is why healing is most important focus, the need to send out and guide positive healing to all in need, or who are suffering. Do not therefore judge another, but accept all flaws, weaknesses as a part of you, which you can turn into a strength.

This dimensional work is important. When times and planes of existence overlap with reality, it is wise to keep an open mind so that the power of belief knows what to believe in. The heart has asked many things, it is vital that you question and ask for help particularly when you need it so that your team and teachers can intervene. Cross paths with another, everyone’s network is intertwined, pathways encounter and people will meet. Some you will see walk on by. Talk to them, be them & walk in their shoes for a day in their lives. Accept ALL as you have been accepted yourself.

you might know that time has no essence in the world of spirit, that it is irrelevant. in the angelic world, we know and we are learning to work around it. we are learning with you every step of the way, we know when you are at your most peaceful, we know those who are struggling, we can only intervene when you ask us to, though, otherwise, clarity you can find within via meditation, by mediating with your higher selves. Part of the message is to commune within the power of nature to utilise the depth of your own wisdom and knowledge to free your true and higher self. Detox and boost your own levels of personal energy. Angels have not left but we are still about and busy. Please ask if you have further questions about the earth.

Love and Light from AA Ariel
Thank you AA Ariel for your messages today.

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