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personal empowerment

Please leave all your posts for everything angel here

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Wed Nov 21, 2018 5:30 pm

Loving and knowing yourself is all we need to do in life. We are universal beings of the 4tth generation, we work with the Elohim angels and we work primarily with the stars, the intergalatic nation of light. We are indigos, lightworkers, we work with the power of universal light. Knowing yourself inside out is key to you moving forwards. To stand firmly in the unit of light, to pave the way forwards for others, you are doing that now! We are grateful.

Your vibrations are low, you are thinking backwards as you are, but that is more of human concept, you will learn as all beings learn to think not with the human mind but to think out of the box and with the higher mindset and higher consciousness and the higher self. Remember, we are many beings of light that will step forwards to help mankind if they wish for us to help, we can only do this if people want us to help in their lives. That is a part of the universe and how it works.

Everything IS interconnected, including the many strands of DNA, the celluar modules in any kind of healing practice and work, and those universal energies that star primarily in kundalini reiki. In fact, in all reiki modules, it is most important to listen to your instincts that if something feels wrong then chances are it is indeed not right for you and your energy vibrations.

However, in the universal world & reality, lower vibrations are continually shifting, changing, evolving, as you continue to listen to your higher selves and your own intuition, you are moving forwards gradually to a new era, obligations are being fulfilled, relationships and loyalties are being questioned, this is the eve of the shadow era, where all emotional burdens and issues are being worked on to be released and let go of, so your vibrations will be able to be lifted higher and higher in the long run of your daily life. This can be worked on in time and build on your instincts and inter-personal skills in your relationships with others to ensure trust becomes a part of society and your lives.

The healing vibrations will be presented with this link therefore will be connected to another universal upgrade of your own personal power and ultimate energy, you know how to use it wisely, the wielder is you. Words themselves will be written and will continue to write themselves as this message is brought forwards - a higher sense of belonging has been found within this message and another higher purpose has been born. Fundamentally, our vibrations will naturally be higher and heightened as we lift each other and ourselves up to as far as we can go - and once you are free of the past, and previous situations, letting go of the old energies, you will accelerate and succeed in your healing and journeys online.

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Fri Oct 11, 2019 5:30 pm

Hello' Celtic Rose:

Well done!!!!

You have a clear and connection to your higher awareness.

And quite a beautiful manner in which you express such things.

It has been a pleasure in connecting with your loving spirit.

Thank you for this love offering, Celtic Rose.

In Light & Harmony, Wandering Soul

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