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It is not a game

Is this just for fun or a serious tool and if so is it dangerous?

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Unread post Tue May 30, 2017 3:19 am

I've never had the pointer move without anyone touching it, and I don't believe the people I used it with pushed it, though I suppose they could have.
"Passion. It lies in all of us. And though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws, and howl."

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I played with one in grade school. It followed me home and sat on my bed. I picked it up again in middle school and never again touched it after it started spinning in fast circles and flew and hit the wall.
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A lot to say about this subject but just cannot express to put into words, reflections of inexperience in the past.

I think the simplest way is do not touch one or use one. You would be going about this not the right way if you wanted to use this to connect to higher beings or beings that come forward in the name of Love. You would be working with the fear element.

Higher beings will not connect through a fear infused tool. They would prefer to go direct in open lines of communication where the energy is more higher focused and where intent is positive.

Simply put, if you wish to connect with spirit do so via the direct communication lines first by your own inner voice and intuition in the way that's natural wise for you.

DO NOT go through a board or anything that makes you feel uneasy. If it feels uneasy at the time - STOP- and trust your instincts.

Protection and shielding and grounding is always wise for your peace of mind as much as ours. It will be like inviting strange energy into your home and space and often be the most harmful to you, if you are a sensitive soul. Clearing old vibrations from the space is also important.

If in doubt at any time you feel uneasy, good prayers often will help to help set your mind at peace.

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on net its written that this board should not be used my single player..

any reason for this ?

what if one person plays ?

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I tried it once and nothing happened.. Idk if i did something wrong or what but nothing happened. I started to feel silly so I made sure I said goodbye and I just put it away. I dont know if ill try it again, maybe but I really dont know if anything will happen.

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