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Black Magic! vs Safety XD

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Unread post Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:33 am

Recently I've been trying to know why this book is forbidden and is very famous,
The book is Sun grand knowledge
Details about the book:
  • 1. It's very dangerous that it destroyed families houses cities...etc
    2. Users die or someone will live in their body
    3. The knowledge of summoning demons/devils/devilish jinns and dangerous sprites
    4. Users die or do Crazy things like killing ppl including their own family or beloved ones
    5. It is Black Magic it teachs "the use of blood, sin, body parts, dead bodies, illegal sex(Rapp,rapist...etc) to do magic
    6.the effect of the book: Loss of pureness, becoming damned and cursed.. Enemy of god follower of the devil, xD whatever name it yourself
    7. The reader will first think it's kinda prayer but it's the reverse of prayers
    8. Forbidden in most countries It's known in! /forbidden in Islamic countries
    9. The author died more than 800yrs ago almost 1100-1200 and the book have been changed and rewritten but still forbidden
    10. I think they changed it to put more bad things they deleted some chapters, rewritten in 1905-1985-2005
    Idk there are 5books now I think and there's another smaller version of it called the small sun knowledge
    11. The book is in arabic
However the book is very dangerous so keep away
Black magic is forbidden and is dangerous for the user himself but does reading effect?
Most of the readers say they were cursed just by reading the book and bad things happen to them !
Do u want an example that explains the process?
  • A: Wants to do Sth impossible so he Summons a B
    B: What do you need ?!
    A: I want XDone
    B: Done X here you go A
    A: Bye...
    A few days A sees dreams Windows in his house break stones hit him from unknown direction...any courses...etc
    A: Stop this
    B: Nothing comes free ,favor for a favor
    A: What do you want?
    B1: Starts by small bad things and sins from making A a heretic
    To overtaking his body(that if it was not a very bad B and he didn't do strong black Magic spells)
    B2: I want Your sins, your blood, your soul, your beloved ones dead, I want you to live like the deads!
So black magic is bad It's not like communicating with Angels it is communicating with most dangerous creatures in possibility/existence!
But here is a question!
We know few sentences that by reading them we get protection, however is reading such books is dangerous? And shouldn't be done, or reading without doing(casting) is okay?
Just for learning!
Should this book be deleted? Should it be kept in a museum?
Should it be kept away from hands?
Fantasia Painting(56).jpg
It was in arabic
This one is another but Pure Evil book
This photo is for another book which is pure evil xD
With totally negative books
Well here's an update:
The photos above are not for the same book mentioned
The book is not that bad if the right person uses them!
The book includes parts that has fairy tale stories
The book is more about knowledge and has Translations for the ancient languages
The book may still be very dangerous in wrong person hands
The book "grand sun knowledge" has another book called "the tiny Sun knowledge" (or the small) however they complete each other!
The book can be considered a spiritual instructor!
So what do u think?

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Unread post Sat Apr 29, 2017 3:03 am

This subject was put here to be discussed for fun change It's place if it's in the wrong section!

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What I think... hmmm

For one, I doubt i'd pick this to read..(even if curiosity wanted me to)
I'm also not sure about it being a spiritual instructor book though. I think it's probably been banned not just due to the content but I guess, a concern over who gets a hold of the book and either misinterprets it, or (other bad scenario) where a person saw it as some 'guide' (it happens, unfort)
I've never heard of the grand sun knowlege book but yeah.. not for me. I couldn't comment on whether i believe it to be cursed.. (I do think curses exist to a degree) but I think if it is cursed, i'd rather not take any risks...

No idea what that writing says though. I can only say.. if you want to steer clear of hauntings/attachments and whatnot, I really don't think these books and so on are a good idea.. even if not cursed they wouldn't help paranoia and I think it would be an invitation to insomnia ! :?

Our will is Important.. if you read a prayer and your will is to be protected and have Angels near.. then I personally believe it will. With the negative.. the same. By inviting it in nobody can know what will be summoned/created, whether or not your will is to be protected whilst doing so

What is the difference? I guess I've read enough for me to (personally) believe that curses do exist, and I'm a huge believer in yin-yang.. good and bad, so out there must be 'dangerous' tools.. books.. etc, i'm 100% sure of that

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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Unread post Wed May 09, 2018 4:21 pm

I want to share some thoughts on this topic. The first picture, it includes a verse of Holy Book, this verse is also known as " verse of throne", this verse is so powerful for protection against devils, jinns, and black magic, negative forces etc.There is full story behind this verse, I will share if you would like to know more. Moreover, first picture also include some Holy Names of God.
On second number picture, there is false knowledge, satanic stuff to proceed magic. Actually, once two angels named as Haroot and Maroot were sent on earth just to judge humans. They teach black magic, and weak faith people believe them, and started to full fill their false wishes in order to destroy other people.
So this book is part of that black magic, what people done, they use verses from different holy books so other people easily can be fooled, and take advantage from them.Yes this book is very very ancient and forbidden.

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Unread post Wed May 09, 2018 4:33 pm

Let me know if you want to gain more knowledge about verse of throne. Its full story.

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Unread post Thu May 24, 2018 12:38 am

That is definitely not something I would want to have possession of. Probably near as bad as having a possessed ouija board. Not going to happen. I once owned a book on summoning and treated it with the utmost care. Got rid of it when I had kids so as to prevent any unintended situations.

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You said well Phoenaux. The writer of this book misguided people, weakened their faiths. I am surprised he used verses from Holy Books too.

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