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My craziest paranormal experience..

Do they exist? A figment of our imagination or modern folklore?

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Thu Jan 16, 2020 7:51 am

I would always hear mumbles of conversations between a man and a girl and see a tall figure. I thought it was my brother & baby sister. Then I started to hear the girl's words clear as day, basic exchange of pleasantries....and everyone was asleep. One day I was home alone and I saw the girl sitting on the floor next to my bed. We looked at each other, I looked away and back, she was gone. They became a normal part of our home. My other sister played the Ouija board and came to me explaining the exact dream I had a few days before after talking to the man in our home. I still remember it so vividly. Recently the only thing I've experienced has been discomfort in a few areas of my home, but my building was getting a lot of renovations and it stopped shortly after all the work was completed. Thanks for reading!

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Fri Jan 17, 2020 1:30 am

Still have theboard??? If so BURN IT. Irresponsible use of a ouija board can open dangerous doors and piss Spirits off especially if you inadvertantly trap them somewhere. As with any tool of a trade it needs to be respected and used with the purest of intentions!
Peace, Light and Love for you, just open your mind and take it, it's free.

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