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Unread post Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:31 pm

I had a very strange dream last night. I can usually figure out my own dreams and figure out how they relate to what's happening in my life. This one seemed like nonsense. I was at a movie theatre that I also worked at, I was with some friends (whom I didnt know in real life) some weird things happened, nothing that seems important. Then, we were all three waiting in line to get our movie tickets and I looked down and pulled a very long red cord out of my navel. I ooked at it, it was thin but a beautiful translucent ruby color. Then I woke up. Grover from Sesame Street was in there somewhere too. But, I'm more concerned about the navel cord. Anyone??

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Unread post Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:48 am

Red, to me, represents the base chakra. Feelings of security, groundedness. Maybe by pulling it out of yourself you are trying to ground yourself in another (dependant relationship?) as babies are corded to their mother's prior to birth. Alternatively, you may be trying to ground or secure another by offering your own security to them in a way that is a little unconventional?

I always think the best dream interpretations are our own, though others with better skills than I could probably read yours to a tee. Perhaps reflect particularly on what the colour red means to you. What a cord means to you (could it be some kind of spiritual cord between you and another person that needs cutting now its served its purpose?)? What your navel means to you (to me, it's the place of first connection we experience - so if I had that dream, I might question if my early experiences of love - good or bad - were shaping my adult experience of love in a way that is outdated?)

As for Grover, I dunno. He's cool though. Maybe something childlike in you to be recognized?

I've got the ball rolling ;) now over to the floor :)


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