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Using Dreams as Indicators...?

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I've thought about this for a while, but I'd been a bit unsure as to whether anyone else felt the same way.

I've noticed that when I work on my own inner self, my dreams are more pleasant and pertain to the same if not similar vibe, if that makes sense. Like for example, whenever I'm constantly dealing with emotional blocks, I find myself dealing with more pleasant scenarios that RARELY ever occur in my dreams. Needless to say, the same negative things that I deal with in real life are the same things I go through in my dreams (normally).

Is it safe to say dreams are indicators of our inner self?

And does anyone go through the same thing?

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I'd say yes on that one as its a good indicator that what happens in our dreams both asleep and when awake can consciously reflect on what's happening in our lives. If its a different sort of dream then it may be related to say its a visiting spirit or astral dream, either way you'd know for sure when it took place as to what it was, by coming on here and asking after you'd dreamed it. But I'd say pretty surely that dreams do give an inner insight as to what we could take on board with us in our daily lives, whether we are generally worried about something and it shows up in our dreams as a scenario , depending if you are a more visually-aware person, too, perhaps. All good stuff! :hugs:
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I believe so, I have dreams that have signs and messages and it really reflected in my reality. Sometimes there were warnings and messages of love and guidance.

Sweet dreams... :)

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