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laughter is the best medicine

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I went so deep in misery i crossed the edge of insanity, now i'm always laughing. I understood the hidden meaning behind suffering. If you suffer, then seek out more suffering. Eventually you will come to a point of no suffering and exile. Look at the world and laugh with misery, laugh with death, laugh with pain. People will call you insane, but, when you come to this point, you're only a small step from total exile and bliss (and astral projection if you like the term). Be alone and enjoy the fruits of bliss and insanity. Only then you will be the most sane person on the planet with bipolar order.

But don't create pain, do not harm anyone, just give and be open without asking anything in return. Do this out of a higher plane, be magical, be joy itself. Project your most personal thoughts to a stranger you just met. Catch your own boomerang after projecting the astral body into another. Also project it into a wall and then see yourself holding a magical wand. It is you, it is your double up there producing some positive wave. But you don't know what you're doing, you don't know what your astral self is creating, and this is a good thing. Trust your intuition, trust your "not knowing what is being created". Your innocence and sense of wonder makes you wonder what type goodness will manifest itself. Then look at the pointing finger in the wall, but don't follow it and say thank you.

Utter formless speech, words of power, but you don't know what you are saying. Don't seek out your motives, because you know spirit is good, spirit does it for you, you don't need to know. Just do things without doing them. Do not care for meaning, you don't need it. The world needs the you up there.

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Lovely post Pegasus and absolutely true on that!
Don't lose sight of your path.

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