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In this section we have a short discussion about Psi Vampires and Symbiotics. Both are usually fully human and, while they are related types, they are distinctly different.

Psi Vampires
We will discuss Psi~Vampires, also called Psi~Vamps, first because there are simply more of them.

Psi~Vamps are people who have the ability to drain away energy in all of its forms. To do so enhances their mental and physical energies as normal feeding would for regular Vampires. A Psi~Vamp may or may not be psychic, in the normal sense, but this use of the terminology means the psychic ability to drain another individual of energy or life forces. It also means such an individual can drain thoughts, emotions, life force, mental and physical strengths.

About 50 percent of Psi~Vamps do so automatically without intending to, or even realizing that they are doing so. Everyone has known, or shall know, a person like this, be it a sibling, lover, relative or friend. No matter how little time you spend with them you always feel tired and weak when they leave. The other 50 percent of Psi~Vamps do so with intent. Some do so just to increase their own power, while others view it as a challenge --- a sort of game, to see how much they can take.

Like Vampires, Psi~Vamps can sense another of their kind and sometimes attack mentally just to see if the victim feels it or reacts to it. They enjoy the hunt and love the challenge when the victim feels it and tries to block or responds in kind. Then it becomes more than a Battle of Wills.
There is no magic attached to this, it is pure mental and psychic energy and force of will. One of the prevailing beliefs is that the Psi~Vamp attacks from the Astral Plane ... controlling the Astral State and his/her own Astral Body. Another view is that the Psi~Vamp is in some way ill or unable to maintain their own energy levels for some reason, so they draw energy either unconsciously or deliberately from another to sustain their own energies. This does not mean the Psi~Vamp or Symbiot is a creature or spirit or anything else living on, or originating from, the psychic plane. By doing so he/she can launch an attack upon the Astral Body of anyone else. By eliminating negative energy, such as can be seen in auras, the Psi~Vamp can actually heal.

Some Psi~Vamps care very little that the energies they are draining could seriously hurt their prey. Especially if the victim is weak from illness, injury or is in a diminished mental state due to mental illness, physical illness or severe depression. By feeding on these victims, the loss of both physical and mental energies to the extreme, could cause death.
It is believed that some very rare Psi~Vamps try to make themselves immortal by preventing what some call the 'second death'. They claim there is a second death which is the death of the Astral Body which occurs shortly after the death of the physical body.

It is also generally believed, that in these rare instances, if this state of increased physical energy to the astral body is sufficient, the astral body of the Psi~Vamp could possibly be freed, upon the death of the physical body and yet maintain its own separate 'living' (i.e.: continuing) astral state. In so doing, the astral body of the Psi~Vamp would then be free to continue the drawing off of energies of both astral and physical bodies of those remaining alive. In a sense, gaining a true immortality.

Involuntary Psi~Vamps often do not realize they are draining the energies of those around them. It is thought that these people do so on a non-conscious level. In many cases the involuntary Psi~Vamp is, in some way, ill or in some sort of diminished capacity. The energies being drawn from those around them may be an automatic action taken by their own astral bodies in an effort to gain strength to preserve or create a more healthful state for its own physical body.
This is perhaps the other side of the coin, as Symbiotics, or Symbiosis, is a form of Psi~Vamp. But instead of feeding off of the life force, and physical and mental energies, this Vampire feeds off of the spiritual energies and electro-bio-chemical energy found in a person's aura. Feeding off this energy can also have a negative effect on the source. However, this Vampire is known for draining the negative energies away from or off of the aura, allowing these energies to be naturally replaced by the person's own individual auric replacements.
Example: A person is ill or weak, his aura is black, gray or greenish yellow, or perhaps purple. If a Symbiotic begins to drain off this energy, the person's own recuperative powers become stronger and the physical, mental or spiritual healing may proceed at a faster pace.

Most Symbiotics do what they do with intent -- unlike their cousin the Psi~Vamp, only a few do so unawares. Psi~Vamp is short for Psychic Vampire. Again, a Symbiotic may be a real Vampire ie, Classical, Inheritor, Night-timer, etc. or a human. The term Vampire is used in this case mainly because there is a draining or feeding, even though most regular Vampires are not Symbiotics or Psi~Vamps. Any human may be a Symbiotic or Psi~Vamp. The victims are not usually aware of a Symbiotic, as the results usually makes the so called victim feel much better. Most Psychic Vampires and Symbiotics are not blood feeders, and therefore are not generally considered true Vampires.

The term psychic, as in having ESP or other psychically related qualities, does not in this instance refer to a Psi~Vamp. Most humans are indeed psychic to some extent, in the normal use of the word. Because they are human, Psi~Vamps and Symbiotics may indeed also display some degree of psychic ability but, the term Psi~Vamp or Psychic Vampire does not relate to this characteristic. Most Psi~Vamps can see auras easily, or may be trained to do so. Where in general, most bloodist Vampires do not have that capability but may be able to develop it. True Vampires, on the other hand, do tend to be highly psychic in the true sense of the term, as a normal function of their being. Psi~Vampires tend to be human, have normal human life spans and, except where already discussed, are not immortal in the normal sense of the word.

As with humans, and vampires, Psi~Vamps come in all types of personalities. There are good, there are games-players, and there are evil people, just as with any other society. Most Psi~Vamps who are intentional, for one reason or another, but do not seek to harm anyone in their efforts to gain energy to sustain themselves. Many automatic Psi~Vamps desperately wish to stop draining others but it is something they can’t control, and if they could control it, or stop it, it could be detrimental to their health. The majority of Psi~vamps and Symbiots should be seen in a positive light, because most of all they are people, just like everyone else.

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A person can protect themselves by doing their protection which this protection is an individual preference. If a person begins to feel tried or lack of energy when they have these encounters, then they can keep the meet up short. Keeping a short time frame if a person has to be in their presence will keep your energy up. A person can send them energy, this is done if a person knows Reiki or Kundalini healing, there are other methods. Surround yourself with light (color pink, green you can layer the colors) depending on what you are doing and a person can surround themselves with love, healthy vibes. There are crystals a person can keep on themselves. A person can check their own aura and clean, repair and buff the aura. There are many defense techniques a person can use.
Think outside the box.

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Tue Aug 20, 2019 4:20 pm

PSI vampires that drain energy are out there, as from experience with dealing with them. I do aura cleansings at night before bed to get rid of them. Also, putting up a field of protection seems to work (if one knows how to do it).

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