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Thu Sep 19, 2019 7:52 am

I had typed a long detailed explanation of this, but for some reason half of it didn’t post, so I guess I’ll sum it up.
For the couple months leading up to my move into a different home with my little family we experienced paranormal activity. Lightbulbs bursting, scary voices on baby monitor speaking to my son by name and pictures flying off walls. After the move, the first week, we got our very own stalker! Started out creeping around the backyard, stealing lightbulbs and hanging around my sons windows. It then escalated to this person/thing coming into the house, messing with bulbs, unlocking windows and flipping screens, pissing on our entire couch, taking random kitchen objects, putting bags of chips in the freezer and going through cabinets. During all of this we had major, intense paranormal activity! It was mostly negative and felt evil, it harassed my toddler and left a stench behind when it was around. On top of the bad there was some other worldly experiences my partner and I both witnessed together involving owls that aren’t native to here, then disappearing into thin air, following us and two incidents with huge manifesting blue and white orbs. This all continued simultaneously until the beginning of 2019 with the last two incidents being a small bouquet of herbs and plants I found above our front door and our wagon disappearing. We have no enemy’s, no friends really, we are decent people and still have no clue who, what or why! There is so much to this entire thing I haven’t said but it is the first time I’ve even told anyone. I’ve experienced the paranormal my entire life and have certain sensetivities I’ve never developed or payed much attention to and I always go with logical explanations first, but I’m stumped and confused. I guess I’m hoping others can relate or maybe even give me an answer or some insight. If you want details I am more than happy to chat about in further detail.

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Thu Sep 19, 2019 4:21 pm

Have you checked out the land, property that the house was built on, and who lived there going back as far as you can on that info?
Since the owls were mentioned in your post the mentioned of herbs.

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