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Unread post Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:14 pm

The dogs seems to sense when something is there can dogs sense spirits? As he just looks in one corner and barks and there's nothing there

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I believe they can sense things we cannot. I've heard some amazing stories about dogs being able to pick up on things that we cant. My high school bff and her folks lived in an old Victorian house that her parents bought for cheap and let me say that it was a real fixer upper. The house had a lot of history behind it. When the basement was being redone her father found chain's and shackles in a hidden room that was supposed to be covered up. Not thinking, her father joked about the discovery and threw them away. That same day unexplainable things started to happen. They had two dogs and they literally went wild. They would bark at absolutely nothing and would attack the wall's. It wasn't long after that incident that they started hearing foot steps and unexplainable sounds as in plates crashing with nothing to broken once investigated. It really got out of control when her mother started seeing black figures and the dogs would do after them and would whine and visciously bark. It was almost like they were protecting the family. I do believe that animals sense things.
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Animals are definitely sensitive to spirits, yes.
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