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Can someone please help me? I need guidance due to a relationship problem I am new here..

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I have had this girl who I have been with for a few months now, she has done things that really make me qestion if she is true to me or not, I feel she has been playing with me and I just have to know, also because of guys being in her phone and her recently getting messages from other guys I've seen on Facebook so far and she gave me access to it, but I feel she may be cheating on me is all. :/ Can someone please read me I would be forever great ful. I just need to know if she is true or not, she has kids as well, and I also am trying to see if she truly has feelings for me or not is all. :/ All help is appreciated. :/

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I sense a fear of being unprotected and abandoned, and of feeling weak. You don't feel like you are a "catch" and fear that you are not good enough, and not lovable enough to not be cheated on.

I see that desptite your fears and past, you try to be good. You don't want to seem possessive or bad in any way, yet in a way you fear you are anyway.

I can't quite see if you're being cheated on. However, I can sense your fear, and how alone you feel.

Do you have many friends? Either way, it will help you to get closer to an outside-of-this-relationship individual. It may help you step away -- things about yourself and yourself in a relationship become easiest to understand when viewed from one step back :)
was oc :peace:

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