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Random Thoughts and Synchronicity

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Unread post Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:08 pm

Hi all :)

I was wondering the other day - I’m aware that events can be/are synchronistic. But, can thoughts be synchronistic?

For instance, lately I’ve had sort of an influx of thoughts about the creative/entertainment industry and a yearning to be involved in it (production/“behind the camera”).
This is something out of character for me as I am a very shy person and have never considered such a career before.
These thoughts/this interest is new to me and it seemingly came out of nowhere. But, the more I think about it, the more excited I become about the possibilities. My current location and having a couple friends in the industry could actually make a change like this feasible.

My question to you guys is: Have anyone experience random thoughts that turn out to be synchronistic in any way?
Is this Spirit trying to nudge you in a new direction? Is this a part of manifestation? And how much does timing play a factor in situations like this? Like, why are these thoughts in my head now as opposed to years ago?

Have any of you had seemingly “random,” “out of nowhere" thoughts that turned out to be super synchronistic in some way?
Opening the door to opportunities and people - especially when timing seemed to be just right?


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Unread post Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:03 pm

Hi = )

What do you feel that your thoughts are 'in synch' with, in this case?

I think you already answered it yourself with "My current location and having a couple friends in the industry could actually make a change like this feasible." - whether that then is yourself (and possibly your subconsciouness), noticing this opportunity, or your 'non-physical friends' nudging you into this consideration is hard to say, but both are feasible scenarios imo.

"Is this a part of manifestation?" As I see it, 'manifestations' is usually a term used about, when something is created in one frequency (usually the "thought realm") and then moved "down" in frequency to also exist in other realms. (i.e. "physical realm" being the final destination) - so yea this 'journey of the creation of you ending up working in this industry' is the natural route regardless of who instigated the creation in thought.

"Have any of you had.." Yes some times ..but in this case I don't think, you can safely say that causality (of friends and new location) had absolutely nothing to do with your new ideas, so I wouldn't call it synchronicity - it doesn't "appear random" enough for that = )

Thoughts between 2 people can however seem like synchronicity, but then we're at a different problem.. Were we just thinking the same, in a situation where the total number of possible thoughtpatterns would be limited? Did I have the thought first and did you pick up on it, or vice versa.. etc etc :P

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Unread post Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:28 pm

I heard that the morphogenetic field is responsible for ideas or inventions to pop up, so many people invent that same kind of stuff in usually same time. So it was the ideas time to pop up and many people catched it.

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