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Helping Spirits Cross Over

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Unread post Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:56 pm

Hi Everyone,

I am a fledging Medium, I have had the ability but usually ignore it as I don't like so many spirits trying to contact me. I'll admit that I don't know a great deal on the practices which is why I'm here asking for some advice. I can connect with spirit but usually let my empathic side take over and connect using emotions rather than direct contact as I am more comfortable with this. I can communicate remotely, as in I can connect with a spirit in someone elses house and determine why they are there and their emotions etc but I refrain from direct contact because I do not want my life over run by spirits and I just haven't felt ready for it.

To get to the point, in the last week I have had the spirit of a young teenage boy in my home (spirits come and go quite often in my home) and I could feel that he was wanting to connect with me. Normally, I wouldn't allow the contact and if they become bothersome we ask them to leave, or make them leave. In this case, I decided to take a different approach. I've never done it before, but I decided I was ready to try and help him cross over. I would like to write here what I did and what I felt after to get any experienced Medium's opinions to first, let me know if I did this right and secondly, to explain some of the feelings I had after as I don't understand them.

First of all, I imagined a white light appearing but it felt like a hole appearing from the spirit world to this one. This immediately felt wrong and I was worried about opening a portal so I then envisioned sewing the hole up. I recently read a story about Dr Mary Neal and her near death experience so I decided to apply some of what she said she saw and felt. I imagined calling on some white beings from the other side. Two beings came across and stood there waiting. Now, I don't think I actually brought them here myself. My feeling is that my guides called them. So while they waited, I explained to the boy that he needed to cross over and that there were people over there who loved him with all their being and were overjoyed at the thought of him going there....they had been waiting and that it would feel like he was going home. He asked if his sister would be there and I felt her on the otherside and so I said Yes she would. I then envisioned him joining the two white beings and going with them and being enveloped in love and light. As they moved away they disappeared.

Now, to be honest....I have no idea if this worked. My instincts tell me it did, but is that just because that's what I want? I cannot feel the boy in my home any longer but I can feel a trace of him. Residual perhaps? And my home felt different for quite a while afterwards but not in a bad way. The best way I can think to describe it is it felt charged but not like when a spirit is near or something is going to happen.

Can anyone let me know if I'm on the right path with this and does anyone have any further tips?


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Unread post Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:42 pm

Hi Charmed

This may be a short reply but didn't want to read and run

I just read through how you did it and It sounds as though it worked great :clapp: You would know for sure if he was still with you. It sounds as though his passing may have been sudden / tragic/ accidental perhaps ) hence him still being earthbound .. Usually find that those who linger and are lost are sometimes still holding on to something earthbound. They say sometimes it's to stay around their family , unifinished business, or even shock at themselves suddenly being in spirit (passed)
They can definitely use some help in crossing over and sometimes they will come to a medium to help them
So it's great you've done this
Your technique is very similar to mine with a few differences

First I shield myself (I do this before any spiritual work)
Then I envision a light in the room, growing brighter and stronger, and bigger. I call upon the Angels and will communicate directly with the spirit person (talk to them as I would if they were in the physical)
So ''HI ____person____ I'm going to help you cross over today - there's nothing to fear (Etc) (etc)
Then I explain to them what I'm doing (again, just as I would if they were in the physical)
I will burn a white candle (helps with intentions) and will call Archangels and (Spirit person's) family to come and join us and help them to cross over
You usually find it's helpful having their family members or friends in spirit present- it helps them to understand and to not fear what is ahead

I then will (in my mind) pray for the (spirit) and ask the Angels and guides directly to help this person continue the rest of their journey in peace , and to be re-united with loved ones beyond....
Again (I will talk to spirit-person) and let them know that they may join (guides) and step into the light. I wait until I can see or sense the spirit departing into the light.... sometimes you may see more than one enter - that's ok. Any earthbound spirit who is around will see this light and can also enter to cross....
You should see/feel that the person has crossed if not, you may continue to ask for help from Angels/Guides/God and reassure spirit person that their loved ones will be cared for on earth

Reassure them that they will receive help and be re-united with loved ones and friends. Once you know they have gone into the opening/light/up the stairway (anything similar you can envision which helps *you* as a medium) then your work is done. It will be time to close the opening and once again pray/ give thanks for God/Angels/Guides/Loved ones and friends of the spirit-person.. and then to seal you envision that the opening has closed tightly

After this my personal preference is to smudge the room afterwards and ground myself

Recently did this for a close friend of mine who passed and it's true that you will just feel strongly that they are not around close. But that they have distanced :thumbsup:

Edit: This technique only applies to spirit-people... anything negative or attachments would be different than a general crossing so I wouldn't use this for those. They'd need someone experienced with them

My main advice to any medium would be to
-Talk to them as you would in the physical, reassure them all the same
- Ask for the loved ones and friends to support (spirit person) during a crossing
- Joining a mediumship circle will help you so much, as will talking to other members and ABT has some lovely mediums who will help you out :peace:
-Trust in yourself
-Yes this is 100% your path if it makes you happy and you feel so . :thinktank:

Great to have you join us all, :welcome2:

Sam j

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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Unread post Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:17 am

Thanks Sam j. I've actually been here for about 7 years but come and go and had to re-register as the site had changed :) The distancing you mentioned is definitely what I felt. Why does it feel that way though? I have plenty of experiences with spirits and have had to force them out of my home before and have never felt this distancing.

One other thing I want to ask, I don't always "see" the spirits. It's more about sensing and they make me feel what they are feeling. This is usually how I communicate although there are sometimes some differences and I'm sure you will understand what I mean by that. I'm probably answering my own question here.... so perhaps I wait until I can't sense them anymore to know they are over? In this particular instance I didn't close the opening but felt that the beings perhaps this was my guides helping me out so it wasn't left open?

As for the negatives, I generally refuse to deal with them in any case and usually cleanse my house to rid myself of them if I feel them come into my home. I have some pretty strict rules in place for the spirits who are currently there and the ones that pass through. To be honest, if they've become pesky I've simply cleansed the house and done a grounding and white light protection to be rid of them. This was the first instance that I've actually felt compelled to help one cross over.

Thank you so much for all your advice, I will definitely look into joining a mediumship circle here.


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Unread post Sat Aug 19, 2017 5:48 pm

Hi Charmed, forr the reply its may be wise for me to take a note and words as quoted from AA Michael that I've heard being said in the past to me and others, and simply say that once they have passed - they are already there as energy.. But you can ask him yourself though still and trust on positive intention that he'll reply to your question. Ask for a sign from AA Michael too to say he's heard your request if you are unsure at all. Otherwise, tis a case of just trusting that they have found their way home to spirit, perhaps if some do not directly know when they have crossed over or not, it may be an idea to ask AA Michael to help them guide them safely home, some visualize it as a doorway of light where they are guided in by aid of angels/family members and guides so as to feel less afraid that they are in fact home. Hope that is helpful knowledge to know, peace & blessings, CR

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