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time schism

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It was a coincidence and I think none of us believe in that anymore. I am person with innate sense of time, being if time is suspended for everyone, mine goes on internally in my mind while I am aware beyond the boundaries of my senses.
I moved to be with the love of my life and eventually found a time intrusion from another place far in to the future.
It is either too small to cause objects to disappear or it only allows thought through it.
I thought it was pegged to one spot as it hadn't moved in five years but it drifted for some reason beyond my ken, though I have speculated I don't know for certain.
The things that I have experienced was a team of off world explorers who had telepathic communication looking for signs of civilisation moving through gulches and stacked rocklike structures. As I have some understanding of time there is an intrinsic date stamp as to the age of the universe and I was able to tell that they were from the future. They were just like you and me, a descendant of our race looking for their roots.
The other event I can recall is the giant chicken like entity that I frightened who was startled by my presence. All I wanted was a drink of water as I woke up parched from the kitchen where this schism was. It was two meters tall and all golden like mostly an auric projection. I ignored it and finished my drink and went back to bed.
I have noticed the schism moving around and it had moved about two and a half meters to the east. I am in the southern hemisphere if this information helps anyone with any speculation. As to other incidents none were memorable enough to record.

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