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Who can help me with spirits in my home

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Unread post Mon Oct 15, 2018 2:27 am

Does anyone know how to clear a home, and make sure there are no attachments on me.So far i have had 2 mediums come over and the spirits are still here.. I know it sounds crazy but I am not sure what to do at this time

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Well, do you know if they're good or bad spirits? Have they done anything bad or something of the like? If not, then you might want to just try and connect with them. They could be previous residents or something. If they are though, have you tried smudging? Here is a guide if you haven't: viewtopic.php?f=41&t=13716&p=25658#p25658
If you have, then I would recommend making it known they are not welcome here and you will fight for your home. That usually is enough to make them leave.

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Unread post Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:45 pm

Did either of the mediums ask who or what the spirits are? what they want? why are they there? who sent them? how long are they there? why they are attached to you?

If they didn't and just tried to get rid of them then my advice is not to call them again.

have you tried to spiritually cleanse the home? some kind of spiritual or religious priest/priestess come in and bless?

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Unread post Fri Nov 09, 2018 7:58 pm

There are lots of cleansing rituals here on this site. I ended up doing a very simple one with what I had lying around. We have a high amount of spirit activity in the house that doesn't really bother us. Things just kind of blow in and blow out again, for the most part, so my cleansing didn't specifically bar all spirits. I just asked for protection from harmful ones.

If you're unfamiliar with cleansing rituals and spirits, I'd suggest browsing around the site to find other people's methods and seeing if one in particular fits your situation.
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