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Are You A Targeted Individual?

Know of any cover ups you would like to share with our members?

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Here we try to classify all kinds of symptoms that the typical 'Targeted Individual' experiences, compressed onto one page.
We refer to “symptoms” as both “effects” and “control mechanisms”. They have both functions at once.

Mind Control - Control and manipulation of thoughts, feelings and ultimately behavior

• Control of thoughts and thought patterns; feelings and their expression; behavior control.
• Dark NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming and Organised Gang Stalking (street theater; comments coinciding with the programming) that anchor feelings to certain words, and sometimes colors, certain types of people or objects… Creating the illusion of ”guilt” or "frustration".
• Hypnotic ”trigger words” that results in specific sensations, feelings or behaviors brought on by Psychotronic Attacks; Voices in Head or Sounds (V2K) or certain events in your life.
• Monitoring attention both where to look but also what to think about and in what terms through Remote Neural influences and subliminal ELF low hertz waves from Cell Towers etc.
• Real time Mind Reading and Thought Broadcasting, sometimes before it becomes aware or apparent in the Targets Mind (Verbatim); The erasing or altering of thoughts and memories; short term memory problems. Induced memories and ”synthetic” associations to those false memories (that are believed to be made by a Intelligence Super-Computers; aware of the context).
• Induced dreams or manipulation of dreams, disturbing visions, thoughts and imagery.
• Sleep disorders and Sleep Deprivation sometimes accompanying temporary induced paralysis or micro-comas (to force trauma or visions, sounds and a state of fear of sleep).

Social Control - Isolation of individuals through social and societal systems of control

• Fabrication of false evidence that justifies ”Crime prevention” (fabrication of evidence of a falsified crime and rumor spreading - Discrediting of Targets); In most cases, Targeted Individuals are accused of a sex crimes with no chance to defend themselves.
• Sudden unemployment or redundancy, discrimination or hostility within work places.
• Loss of friends, because of rumors or direct control. The perpetrators take over the friendship and social life of the TI. They are always rude, and manipulative and not real friends.
• Creating ”symptoms” of Mental Illness (voices in the subconscious, V2K; trying to describe what is happening for others) putting the individual in psychiatric care.
• Creating ”symptoms” of Substance Abuse (tampering food with drugs, poisons or medication; blurred vision; read eyes; disorientation; head aches; memory loss; difficulty talking or making sense) destroying the targeted individuals reputation;
• Creating ”symptoms” of Insulin related diseases (pain in the spinal cord, back of the head, terrible head aches, high blood sugar levels, enormous fatigue) creating early retirement or poverty because of inability to work.
• Creating "symptoms" of hormonal imbalance. (See that you take a supplement of minerals and vitamins and take care of your glands).
• Creating “symptoms” or dementia because of apparent difficulty, sometimes, to express one’s feelings and thoughts; memory problems when the “attacks” are enormous.


Thought surveillance. TI:s thoughts are read in real time by brain mapping from Low-Orbiting Satellites connected to Cell Towers and Super-Computers on Earth. It may also be possible in some extreme cases to Look though a Targeted Individuals eyes, seeing what the targeted individual sees in real-time (Brain and eye Implants are more rare but this can be achieved wirelessly with inhaled or consumed Nanites/Nano Machines in the bloodstream attaching to nerves - *please read: CHEMTRAILS).
• Knowing where the targeted individual directs his/her attention or what they are focusing on by means of Remote tracking.
GPS surveillance. The Targeted Individual is tracked down at any time all the time, in real time with use of Cell communication towers and Satellites.
Remote Neural Monitoring: Some targeted individuals claim that a person’s brain can function as a fingerprint and that can be picked up by satellites. That enables both surveillance of the individual and thoughts. Gang stalkers often let the Targeted Individual know that he / she is under surveillance and like the film; ENEMY OF THE STATE, feel they can’t escape. They can come up and insult the TI, or say something that is only known by the Targeted Individual; as an indication of ”Remote (Real-Time) Mind Reading” (Verbatim).
Financial surveillance. It looks like every penny a Targeted Individual has is counted and only a certain amount is allowed for the Targeted Individual to gain or evil schemes made to bring bankruptcy or poverty to the target.

Torture: Physical, Mental & Psychological - Physical pain due to ICT-Implants or non-lethal weapons.

• Direct pain in the body around the clock that tends to get worse and more severe due to ICT-Implants or other kind of transmitting devices, often labeled by Targeted Individuals as non-lethal weapons, Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs), Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) or simply radiation.
• Pain in the spinal cord or back, lethargic and aching pains.
• Pain in the back of the head (Cerebellum) or various regions responsible for memory and imagination.
• Pain in the “amygdala” or the limbic system. Pain in the forehead or frontal lobe (induces scattered or slurred speech).
“Cooked” brain (slight heating of the brain or Hypothalamus to induce synthetic emotional states or stress disorders (ELF waves can also cause depression or stress tuned at 6.6Hz).
• Electroshocks in the brain, Zaps and mild shocks; Involuntary body movements caused by nervous system shocks and attacks.
• Pain in the chest, Palpitations and Adrenal rushes.
• Toothache, gum bleeding and pain in gums or teeth or in Jaw and glandular regions.
• “Mild Heart attacks” or slowed heart beats, panic attacks and chronic anxiety and fast paced heart beats.
• Pain in vital organs: liver, stomach, heart, lungs, eyes, genitals amongst other places
• Itching eyes – leading to tears and red eyes, beams alike a pin prick or irritation.
• Food is poisoned, contamination by evil Perps in food stores or restaurants etc..
• Air around your nostrils heated or lacking oxygen.
• Electronic sexual “rapes” during sleep or while awake, probably with ICT-implants, unnatural genital stimulation or swelling.

Hypnotic trigger words

• Can mimic any of the above symptoms: radiation, pain, bad tastes, head aches, and so on or trigger unbearable fatigue.
• The trigger words come in whole sequences, like they were taken out of a dictionary with all symptoms and all words that sound alike or similar.
• While some trigger words have effects on the mind and body, other’s have emotional effects only (sensitisation of the Targeted individual to certain words, that trigger negative emotions, like disgust, fear, anger).
• The trigger words are sometimes reinforced through dark NLP and gang stalking.
• Trigger words are in the beginning very difficult to discover because they are coupled with the TI's routines.
• The brain can’t differentiate always between what it is made to believe and what really happens.
• Once discovered, they are “released”; becoming aware of the “truth” wins over the lie that the mind has been told.
• When they are discovered, new trigger words will be programmed into the subconscious.

Mental pain

Loud synthetic telepathy. The attackers talk with some of the victims 24/7. They use interrogation techniques that are only used in the CIA or secret service. That is labeled also V2K (voice to skull, or loud synthetic telepathy). A learning computer with a synthetic voice that can be modulated in any voice, can take over partially or full time, after the initial stages. This keeps the victim awaken and always tired.
Silent synthetic telepathy. The victim doesn’t hear the attackers but there is thought manipulation, directing their attention. The communication is experience as "thoughts". A sort of repetition of the same thoughts happens, like a tape is playing one's thoughts over and over again, word by word.

Psychological pain

• Bullying at work, friends and family suddenly lost leading to Isolation.
• Bullying in general. Because of what appears, as social problems with other people, the Targeted Individual moves to a place where the “attackers” and the “manipulators” can spread around any kind of rumor for people in the neighborhood and can take control in another way.
• Gang stalking (rude people in crowds that appear and insult the individual, using both verbal and non-verbal communication). Having 20 people, or more, strategically placed to for example look with a hateful look at the Targeted Individual. They are all strangers, they are all rude. They appear every time the TI is outside, and it can take many different expressions. Sometimes it looks like they have some kind of scheme and the harassment follows a pattern, and when it achieves a certain stage, they reset themselves and it starts all over again.
• Street Theater: A group of people play out a whole show for the individual, and it appears to follow a predetermined plot. Following the Targeted Individual’s thinking. The thought surveillance is perceived as humiliating. The home is entered and the perpetrators don’t steal things, but can destroy them or they can leave objects that don’t belong there. They often seem to enter with a key, because the doors are not forced. Thefts in town, at airports: money of belongings. Destroyed means of transportation: car or bike.

Total lack of support

• When the Targeted Individual meets health professionals they are not interested in what the TI tells them. Symptoms are treated in the “old fashioned” way.
• Many times TIs are forced to take the wrong medication and to agree to sometimes stigmatizing labels in order to receive their pension.
• In certain countries, the TI, can be forced into psychiatry, where total loss of human rights occurs.
• Blacklisting often leads to inability for the TI to find work, or has to accept a job way under their specialization. At the new job, the TI is constantly under harassment and is bullied.
• The police participates in the harassment and is totally insensitive to what the TI goes through.
• The media ignores the TI-cause.

Other EXTRA symptoms

• Strange coincidences happen all the time, several times a day.
• The TI can in his thoughts intercept what it’s going to be on TV in a while, depending on subject of interest.
• Some TIs are sure that the people on TV are copying them or harassing them.
• “What you think about becomes reality”
• Expectations turn out exactly to the opposite leading to cognitive disson

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While there is no evidence that anyone has ever in seriousness advocated wearing a literal tinfoil hat, headgear intended to block telepathy is advocated. This is often based on a belief that such hats prevent mind control by governments, spies, or paranormal beings that employ ESP or the microwave auditory effect. People in many countries who believe they are "Targeted individuals" (TIs), subject to government spying or harassment, have developed websites, conference calls, and support meetings to discuss their concerns, including the idea of protective headgear. Over time the term "tin foil hat" has become associated with paranoia and conspiracy theories.



Great Topic paperbag. :thumbsup:



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Interesting post

I read into this a while back as I was curious... and stumbled upon some really odd videos on Youtube (videos taken by TI's aka Targeted individuals.. They all seemed to have interesting stories .. but one lady captured video evidence of what appeared to be a neighbourhood gang working together to (what appeared to be) stalking and harassing her.... many of the TI's seemed to have something similar in common, mostly a huge interest in conspiracy theories such as UFO's and JFK assassinations and so on (common ones and uncommon theories) and suddenly when hitting on some truth, ended up being a T.I....

There are some who are maybe unwell or suffering with paranoia and I really feel for them, but I can see why they would feel threatened by an individual who was acting as a whistleblower to others.. a wider audience...If it is true, I wonder 'what' it is.. makes you think. Here is the video I mentioned.. this lady is a T.I and i've watched a few of her videos.. it's hard not to believe some of these people when they have longterm footage of what happens... very odd. Undercover police operations for good valid reasons? being sworn into secrecy over conspiracies that turned out to be true? who knows..... Thanks for posting

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:14 pm

I have definitely been through this. I found that taking medication blocks most of the attacks. It's biting the bullet and admitting to being bipolar, but the reality is that I was targeted since I was just around 12. I know who did it and I know why... The Mental Illness factor is what they use to discredit their targets. But by going along with it, I managed to escape the attacks. But by going along with the mental illness stigma, anything I would say on the topic would discredit me. The story itself is so incredulous it is easy to brush it off as the ravings of a lunatic... Which is exactly what they want.

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Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:28 pm

I believe it. I have a lot of these signs. I don't know if I believe that it's a physical person doing a lot of it. I believe that a good portion of it is paranormal, or appears to be paranormal. At one point, my mom and I were getting daily calls on an old school (corded) phone with no service. Just to name a little bit of it. The video is chilling, and compelling, evidence. As for why people would do that, why do people do anything they do? People are crazy.

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I am in my late 20s and am a targeted individual. Of course, anyone who has decided to call me crazy or insane, I would brush off. I dislike people who are narrow minded. They are the worse people to be friends with, anyhow.

In the world of psychic paranormals, we can counter these attacks by meditation. After all, most of these attacks come from telepathy. They would be so advanced at the art of telepathy that they can communicate with your mind as though it is a machine. Then there is a telepathy machine, made for people who would rather spend time harassing people than develop their psychic self.

The enemy use telepathy. If we counter and shut that down, we get our lives back. Either you believe in psychic powers, or you end up looking for the individual attacking you with a telepathy machine. The latter will land you in a war against the System.

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Sat Jul 18, 2020 7:14 am

I just read "Targeted Individuals: How I Got My Attacks To Decrease" by K. Duvall.

I think author is spot on. I got my attacks to lessen using the principles described in the book before reading it.

Author mentions some theories about signs from earlier in life that are clues.
I believe I have been a lifelong "target".

The thesis is mind blowing.

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