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Childhood happenings

Post here for all your questions, stories and experiences, share with us.

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When I was about seven seven and half my older uncle befriended probably because I looked like I'd got no aims or interests well I try to keep it short. My grandparent had a large back garden the top end of this garden was UN cared for wild growing long grasses I loved it were as the front end at the top had a nice cut grasses are with plant bends I loved been alone there. The one after noon I was standing on the lawn pondering about nothing, when my uncle appeared and asked me what I doing I said nothing and then for something reason he asked me something else but I suddenly could not hear like I had gone deaf I could not hear what I was saying to him back he suddenly had a strange look of puzzlement on his face. I was not borne deaf. He said something else I must have replied has he suddenly had this angry look on his face and stormed off . As he went away my hearing started coming back , I was puzzled why he got angry and rushed off I wanted to ask him what the matter was so I followed on as I got into the kitchen my nan was just going into the pantry I asked my nan were my uncle was , see said you upset your uncle but Nan I said I've done nothing wrong see how did you know what he was going to say to you before he spoke I said Nan I don't know what your talking about she then said to me boy you have the devil in you and turned away. This happened over fifty years ago and still happens know and then but I don't know what causes the deafness I ideas what it could be but it's too fantastic to even mention

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Unknown events is always explained away by that saying, sigh.

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It seems very young people are prime target s maybe to there innocents or its that the conditioning has not set in yet. But lately I've been hearing people talking about sudden experiences they started happening these are people in there mid twenties the one I have talked in brief I said you must be spiritual awakening to what you really are something I've always known trouble is that will not put food on the table and keep a roof over your head

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