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Readers Agreement, Rules & Guidelines

Free Psychic/Medium Readings for ABT Members
Important: Readers Agreement

Forum rules
Asking for a reading isn't a certainty that you will receive a reading. Always be polite and respectful towards the reader and please leave feedback after your reading. Asking for multiple reads at the same time is treated as spam and will be deleted.
If you are interested in reading on ABT please read our Readers Agreement.
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Reading in Chat & Forums
WE are a Paranormal and Psychic Resource... which includes developing abilities. As a community we are rapidly growing and many members are wanting to understand their abilities and safely develop further in a supportive environment. Understanding that 'PRACTICE' is valuable we are supportive of this need and have created chat rooms exclusive for Readings and Development and PRACTICE. Please follow the policy's and rules set forth; they are in place to preserve the integrity of the site, the safety of the members and protects the readers from being pestered for readings.

Note: Free readings are a benefit for 'participating' members of this site. Please register on the forums if you are here looking for a reading. NOTE: Chat access is a separate registration.

A reading is defined as an attempt to make a 'connection' with another. This includes using tools (tarot...etc) or not, delivering messages; re: past-present-future, mediumship and energy exchanges such as remote healing, clearing/cleansings etc.

Prerequisites: for PRACTICE readings
PRACTICE readings on this site is a privilege offered to our members. We ask that you participate in chat regularly for a minimum of 2 weeks before you can offer readings/PRACTICE in chat with other members of our community. Please allow us this short amount of time to get to know you.

Note: Practice readings on the 'Picture Readings: A Picture = 1000 Words' board is open to all members

Guidelines/rules for readers
No readings are allowed in chat by any person under the age of 18. No readings for members under 18.

Minors may participate on the forums; reply to photo's or post own picture in the A Picture = 1,000 words board (within reason) and are welcome to participate in Sunday picture readings as well.

ALL PRACTICE readings/healings must take place in the Development & PRACTICE/Healing Circle under the guidance and direction of a MODerator.

Private readings in chat PM's, via the forums, or offsite are NOT permitted. Please understand that this condition is a precaution, both for the safety of the sitter and the reputation of readers. Public readings on this site is the only way to earn respect and credibility within this community. Please do Not take advantage of our memberships to invite members off site for private readings. will not tolerate anyone using 'Chat' to solicit payments for readings or market other services without expressed permission from the site's Administrator.

Sitters must give their permission to be read. With due respect, not everyone is open to get readings. If drawn to reading a member please ask before proceeding.

Interested in offering free readings?
If you are interested in offering free readings on the forums or using the 'Dev and Practice' (Reading room in chat) you must have 25 quality posts on the forum and been active on the website (ABT) for 2 weeks.

Once the requirements (above) have been met, reply to this thread indicating agreement with the guidelines outlined here then post a brief Bio/Introduction re: a little history, your abilities and experience to let members know you are interested in PRACTICING readings in Chat and/or on the forums.

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How do.i know how many post I've made and I feel the heavy legs and brain tickle of spirits trying to get through as soon as I clicked on this groups icon. Someone here needs a message. It's a man with kind shoulder length dark brown curly hair looking for his mom and sister saying you were right he should never gone on that hike and climbing the rocks.
Love and Light

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I agree with these rules,
They make sense to me and I understand the need to have them.
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yes agree with the rules may i add so people understand as they ask a lot especially in the chat room that
"ALL PRACTICE readings/healings must take place in the Development & PRACTICE/Healing Circle under the guidance and direction of a MODerator. "
the reason healings also require the above is that its a exchange of energy

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Yes. I agree with the rules as well firmly and fully and I agree with that completely and agree to work to abide them.
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I have read the guidelines and agree to work along side them ~ thank you :o)

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

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Keithdeakin says : I agree to the rules and will apply them as required.

(Posting on his behalf until he can figure out how to)
Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

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i have read the rules and agree to the terms

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I have read the rules and guidelines and agree to follow alongside with them. Thank you 💕

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agred ........
:lol: :x :twisted: :evil: :roll: :mrgreen:

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