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Nightmare interpretation - Please help**Freaky**

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Unread post Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:57 am

Hi everyone-
I've never had a nightmare like this one before. It was so left field. My ex and I have been broken up over 10 years now and I have no lingering feelings towards him. I assume he feels the same way about me.
We've moved on and I re-married and I'm not sure what he's up to because we do not keep in touch.
I've been trying to shake off the nightmare since this morning and it's still lingering in my head.
This is a very weird twisted nightmare, so here we go:
Apparently, my ex and I had made a sex video of us when we were living in his parents house from a while back. As we re-watched the video one night, in the video there was us and many spirits, fogs, dark, ghost and could barely even see us. We were freaked out.
Because this took place at his Mom's house, we decided to go there to check it out and just drop by to visit the family also. Approached the house and the front lawn was well groomed and lots of gifts on the floor. Thought that was odd. Then saw his younger brother and he wasn't 100% himself, he looked fatigued and out of it. His younger brother told us that there's something wrong with his Mom. So we walked into the house and it was dark, gloomy, tight and smelled so bad! Like someone did not take the trash out for months. We heard his Mom walked towards us and the closer she got, the more it stunk! She was definitely not herself. Her hair was greasy, she was wearing a plastic coat, her skin was torn, scarred, burnt and there was mold growing in between the wounds. It was just gross. Her then looked at me in the eyes and she has this possessed twisted crazy looking. I was so freaked out and told my ex that we need to go right now.
Before we walked off the property, there was this guy that was leaving gifts as if he was paying his respect for the decreased. We asked him why are all these gifts here on the floor and lawn so well groomed. He said there was a guy that die in that house. They pay their respect by dropping off gift they think he would like so that he wouldn't bother people in the house.
At that point, I had woke up and freaked out. I was even worried about his Mom.
Does anybody have any perspective on this? What does it mean???

Thanks in advance.

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Unread post Sat Sep 16, 2017 4:04 am

interesting dream, you can see that you are afraid of something. Hard to interpret it, but I knwo one thing. You dream about game, what you like. I dream about Overwatch and Rocket League Crates. So start play better games, like RL (Rocket League) and buy Rocket League Crates
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Unread post Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:39 pm

Look; anything I say I'm not telling you I know is "fact." This is my interpretation of your descriptions... That being said, you paint a vivid picture.

The general sense of this dream is that you have been feeling anxiety consciously or subconsciously lately.

I'm going ask some questions that I'm not expecting you to answer here: Have you told your new partner about this dream? Is your sex life exciting enough with them? Did you have a relationship with your ex that involved paranormal interest? Did you eat/drink/take anything in excess (or out of the ordinary) before sleep?
Also consider the general present environment and your recent emotional states...

It seems that this dream is telling you that you're nervous of secrets being released. It also appears that subconsciously there are unresolved feelings between your ex and yourself or that things were exciting about him.

Do you watch many horror movies or read thriller novels? Some of your day to day may be going into your dreams...

(I'm not discrediting the possibility of prophetic dreams; but considering other more common options before we go that route...)

Was the general feeling when you woke up anxiety and worry? Any other emotions or feelings?

I also get the feeling that you know more than you want to admit. Your own personal interpretations may be the most valid.

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