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Something more, but what?

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Joined: Fri Dec 14, 2018 9:14 am

Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:33 am

I know theres something more but how do I know what? I have been told on numerous accounts that I have special gifts or abilities. I have this consuming feeling that I'm so much more than what my current eyes are able to see. My eyes have been open to presence now what's next?

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Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:27 pm

PureLove11 - What's next?

you are a shy person at first but will open up when people get to know you, you are rather introverted, or have been back in your younger years, you are caring and care a lot about people in your surroundings, your attention is divided into sorting out your beliefs on your pagan and healing pathway, you are learning to heal yourself within and focus on you, not letting you forget yourself in between situations.

you are questioning self at the moment, questioning abilities and this is causing you to feel doubt and confusion as to where you are going; its like you are travelling into unknown waters and will be until you've decided on a path to move forwards in. you are asked to re-assess yourself and your situation, currently, to quieten your mind and just relax with the enhancement of meditation or guided meditation, focus on your path forwards and the answer will come to you....

you are very empathetic and are paying attention to your needs, but yet you miss out on learning to listen to your own inner voice in the process of things, you are handling a lot of things on your plate at the moment and everything seems like to be up in the air, you are reaching but not really sure what you are reaching out for at the moment but that will come in time with a bit of soul searching. its about seeing & believing that there is something more tangible out there. you are aware but you might not be sure of it yourself yet. you are now and are realizing that this is a learning curve for you. :welcome: to the site.

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Sat Dec 29, 2018 10:54 pm

You say ur eyes are open to presence?. I remember when I was the same,asking the same question with the yern for the answers.
Well I can truly say that spirit have a way of showing u in ways that u wldnt expect. U wait,watch and listen with antisapation but see that a the clue. Look and u miss it. Spirit has wonderful ways of showing their presence and answering our questions... So u can ask what's next and the answer is well that's what makes working with spirit so special.
I was drawn to ur post and I never read others replies as it's my guides I work with.
I am being told that ur need for more is so strong that u are missing all the signs of ur own guides trying to show u the path they want u to follow. After u have read this,get a pen and paper. I feel strongly that the words u write may be few but they will give u the start u need. Any questions please ask away. xCx

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