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Translucent Sexual Creature?

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Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:58 am

Oh... Hi. I've been around a few years back. :)

Last night I didn't get much sleep and got to bed at around 5:30AM. My wife left for yoga instruction at 6AM and I got to sleep at around 6:15AM for about 30 minutes. In my dream there were a few young women with nymphomaniacal qualities. One, blond and thin, pulled me in and made me aroused. She smiled at me. Four holes in a line in her cheeks appeared and pipe-like spikes came out. (I have the ability to pull myself out of dreams at will; so I did.)

My eyes in real life opened up. I looked across from me to the mirror at the other area of my bed. In front of me there was a translucent, bubble of a figure hunkered down at the edge of my bed. When it noticed I saw it it began to hiss. I wasn't able to move for about 5 seconds. I gained mobility. I then saw a tennis ball sized "portal" in the mirror slowly close up after I blinked a few times.

I was just a little startled. I thought some positive thoughts and went back to sleep. I feel safe in my house and I'm not afraid of anything. Nothing to this degree has happened here before in the past 3 years of me living here.


Has anyone ever had similar experiences or have heard of anything like this?

Love and Light

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Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:44 am


My wife recently woke up this morning at around 8AM saying she couldn't breathe and something black was pushing down on her chest. I was awake holding her and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary about her. She often gets scared about these things.

Within the past few days she has been feeling weak or drained emotionally. Sometimes I'm awoken by her headbutting me or kicking me in her sleep.

I told her she needs to smudge the house or something; since it seems like since the entity (or entities) cannot get me that it's trying to get to me and her through her.

We've committed last week to giving our 2 months' notice to leaving this place. Since we've given notice it seems that the activity has picked up. I'm not worried and can defend myself well. I've given my wife some methods of getting angels to help her fight in battles and stand her ground. Nothing can defeat us. :)

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Fri Sep 28, 2018 8:19 am

Ok...that sounds really creepy. I got to ask..How long did you have that mirror in possession? And have you or anyone at all tried dabble into anything occultic? Or perhaps try to communicate with the dead? I found out from research that sometimes a mirror can be used as a portal for spirits. Any kind of spirit, whether its good, bad, or evil, can come through. If neither you or anyone who you know had tried to dabble into the occult or communicate with the spirit world with use of that mirror...then I would record paranormal disturbances in a journal. Write entry logs on each kind of disturbance that has no logical or rational explanation such as this one that you had described. Perhaps if most of the disturbances happened in that one particular room where the mirror is...then it is likely the mirror may be the source for paranormal activity.

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Fri Mar 27, 2020 7:18 am

Working with occult energies DO NOT bring anything in that the occultist doesn't call for.
What your dreams are is just over imagination of what you can't have in real life. If you take the time to learn why ppl dream you would find out it's due to events, desires that occur in daily life and when ppl sleep the mind will do visuals for you to understand better.

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