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I Have a sixth sense Can Show Me Matrix!

Unraveling the mysteries of the universe and our world. There is more than meets the eye.

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Tue Sep 19, 2017 3:56 am

my name is daniele, i'm a particular guy, i'm italian and i'm 22 and i live in sicily.. in palermo.
From about two years I have discovered that I can see lines through reality. These lines can look just like you can notice the rain, just like when you see a slight rain (for example, when it starts to rain in a totally unclear way ). These lines I see follow the direction of my head. If, for example, I turn my head horizontally, I will see this "rain" go horizontally. These lines do not cover my entire field of vision but about 70% of the central part of my field of vision and also these lines do not appear homogeneously on the visual field.
When i see the green or i' m tired for example ( the first minute after i slept 7 hours) is different... i can see these lines to appear homogeneously ( like neo in the last scene of the first film). These lines create a clear contrast exactly like the rain. Only In a book called the hands of light is written that to see these lines means that you are really near to the your soul. ( i think is only a coincidence this book)

5 years ago I went to check my brain with a tac because I thought I had narcolepsy... I was perfect.. also for the view!

I've been in these two years trying to figure out what this sixth sense means. In understanding my sixth sense I had to "transpose" messages from this God.

During this time I noticed some coincidences that took place in my life, especially in these two years that helped me to understand the truth.

Unfortunately English is not my language, and infact I'm using the translator.
I have already written on a paranormal Italian forum, but unfortunately I found few people willing to accept the truth.
It's no coincidence that my name is daniele like the episode of animatrix!

I chose the pseudonym of xirtaw because I often had to turn some of the thoughts understand what god was trying to explain to me.. through the absurd coincidences I experienced.

Infact, I could give great value to my thesis and to the existence of matrix.
In these two years I have been prepared to understand the various coincidences in my mind to understand who and what i am.
So I know the truth, but you have to ask me questions, because unfortunately my English is not so good, and i prefer wait to answer you topic for topic, so i can hope to explain you in the best way what i know also in english.

I think I'm human but have something different in the DNA.

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Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:57 pm

This is interesting. Out of curiosity, other than your brain scan, did you see an eye doctor about this? It could be something going on with your eyes. If that's ruled out, it just gets more interesting.

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Sat Aug 03, 2019 7:43 pm

I've seen what you describe in my dreams before. Some people are lucky enough to be gifted the ability to see the fourth dimension. Others can only dream and see people living in it.

You are someone who is gifted the ability to see it. What you plan to do with your vision is the interesting part.

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Mon Aug 26, 2019 5:49 am

The poor are rich to exchange their jobs: the money are better if are stolen than dirty with blood!

What you call the fourth dimension is easy to see, I thought I was an alien and the others were.
No one has explained to me that behind a screen it is possible to notice a code that flows like a rain in a storm but only and exclusively if there are defects in the pixels in the photo you are seeing.

is possible to plan the idea of a life that cannot accept its reasonable condition to give birth not only to what could have been a personal and compelling resurrection in every sense:
I am the one who is in the sense that I am trying to understand why this 'system' occurs both in reality and in the presence manifested within the device in question.
But if every question is just a human proposal then maybe that technology could have taken control of whoever thinks they have it

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Wed Aug 28, 2019 9:48 am

The Sumerian concept if you really want to dive into a deeper thought portal there's some interesting knowledge there. Zachary did a few written work on the Sumerian's tablets, he was ahead of his time, now a few are finally catching up.

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