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How can you tell who to trust when it comes to mediums and psychics? There are so many people that crave a connection or message from loved ones, or seek guidance or reassurance for life choices. The search is frustrating. I thank Any of you who have these amazing gifts and talents. Are there ways for us to know who to trust?

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Good question but not an easy one to answer..There are many people who call themselves psychic or mediums but who infact have had very little or no training whatso ever. To try and answer you i would suggest check each person out,ask questions,give nothing away but always remember if your not happy back away. If you live in the UK go to your nearest spiritualist church first of all. You may find this web site helpful S.N.U.ORG.UK.
Kind regards.

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Thank you! I’m in Canada but i will look around :)

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In my experience the ones you trust know zero about you or your family. Even if it was face to face, I always think with access to social media things can be found out instantly however I had a very good reading off a few people that have known nothing about me as I never give to much away . By me not telling anyone they are truly psychic if they know.

Hope this helps

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