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hedges and trees

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Hedges and Trees

How many of you have seen clouds and certain trees or hedges show you things?
By things, I mean, show you faces, (shapes and imagery, numbers, patterns) symbols and animals, in the clouds that are indeed spirit smiling back at you? How many of you think that you cannot link in to this because its a phenomena and something entirely different?
Well, actually you can because in this world, anything is possible. But you do need to keep an open mind. You can use this to link in and translate messages for the sitter as well. That in itself is a part of the parcel of divination, scrying and using your intuition.

Here’s how!

Sit yourself down on a comfortable arm chair and relax yourself completely. How the arm chair looks and colour/texture wise is left open for you to fill in the details, but once you have it, build it up and focus on seeing yourself as sitting in that arm chair. Feel the warmth of love surrounding that arm chair surround you and make you feel warm inside and well-loved. Ground, if you feel the need to, before working with this exercise.

Turn your attention to the tree or hedge in front of you outside to work with. Find a position either in the forefront of your awareness or quiet moments in the back of your awareness to quieten your mind from the every day mind chatter and ask for it to leave you in peace for a few moments while you do this exercise. Choose your sitter from the name list in mind and begin thinking about that sitter’s name or have it at the forefront of positive intention while you link.

State intent: I , a spiritual being living a human existence, I wish to connect to this sitter’s (insert name of sitter here) energy using this tool of the tree or hedgerow in front of me, I AM working in the name of love & light and positive energy so as to bring in messages of universal and guiding energy for the sitter in mind. Please assist and help to convey those across through the tool, so that I can deliver them over in a natural way that sits right for me across to the sitter. I request protection from spirit and the universe to protect me while I’m open and to keep me anchored.

Be patient as you may not see anything happening at all - don’t stress if you don’t, its not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you are into working with natural energies, this may be the one for you. Ask for the tree or hedge to show you something, anything that is connecting to the universal and guiding energy that’s out there. As you relax completely, you may start to see flowing imagery, numbers, faces, green man, signs and symbolism, faeries, when working with the tree or hedge in question. If its a particularly active hedge like my grandmother’s is, you could see more. Even more so if you are drawn to work with the hedges or trees, the same approach and practice applies.

Once the link is open, you should probably have a word document up handy or a notepad so you can type or jot down the shapes, imagery, numbers, symbols that you see…. and then use those as keys to communication to trust your first thoughts intuition and interpret them as to what they pertain to the sitter whose in the seat at the time.

When finished and the link has said all its needed to say, thank the all of the energies for working with you today. Then give it to the sitter who is sitting for you at the time of connection.

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