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smudging with positive intention it the natural way!

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Wed May 17, 2017 12:15 pm

I AM a spiritual being of love and I ask for the infusion of love from the divine presence to work within this stick and image and my sandalwood incense to clear away any fearful energy, any emotional doubts within myself, any hindering and older energy connected on my fb wall, i ask that it be guided on in its natural flowing state of energy, I ask that the guiding and any negative vibrations in the state of vibration, people, past feelings, flashbacks, memories, any harboring of ill will, or nefarious intention be cleared, cleansed and purified, I also ask that my space and working space be infused with the powerful energy of positive light and positive intention and for it to clear the energy on my fb wall space, timeline, home and working space, room space and for it to clear my aura, lifetime, lifeline and personal reality so that I am naturally free from any form of ego, mind and emotional chatter, any energy that seeks to do me harm on an irreparable level of negative intention, I ask that they be guided on their way and to leave my personal space indefinitely and entirely and aura fields/awareness so that I can work in present time in the Now. I ask that Healing Light surround them in PEACE, and I ask for this to also clear my aura from any being, negative person or draining, no energy drainer people to step back from my life and aura space, and to be guided in a peaceful way to their own next destination. I ask this in your name, in the Divine and for Spirit to move these negative vibrations out of my life so that they cannot impact on it any further, I ask this in your name that is Love. Thank you. And so it is. Peace Be to all that stay in my life. Peace to those that leave it respectfully.
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