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Poetry by CelticRose

Creative corner: a place to show off your talents.

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ABT Team
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Wed Jul 26, 2017 6:43 pm

wow that s really amazing rose ,beautifull

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Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:04 pm

thanks mark, its inspired by something i saw from a painting that is in the local cafe that i was sitting at for lunch today, there was a woman print in a red dress with the Eiffel tower in the background. Was very inspirational, sorta stemmed from looking at that. :) The idea to write the original piece did anyways!

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Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:08 pm

very beautiful and well put, Celtic

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Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:46 am

Beautiful Celtic. This is my favourite one of them all so far. Writing is such a great way to channel energy and intentions and I guess, to reflect them too
Nice visuals with this one.

Looking forward to reading more.

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:54 am

Absolutely Shawz and Samj, thanks for your kind words and comments. :)

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Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:43 pm

The Tide of the River

The wind whispers silently moving
The cluster of autumnal leaves along the rivers’ edge
Sweeping it further along the tide as it glints,
Gleams in the sunshine rays of morning light
And as the warrior stands vigilant on the stepping stones,
Sword in one hand, the blade of silver shining bright
A swift movement as it slices through the air

Caution and tactfulness retold but no armor either in sight
Just as the sword is put in its sheath; put away with care
The warrior listens diligently to the Spirit of the Earth
As the runes that have just been cast remain there on their own accord
But as the warrior continues to listen; his call has struck a chord
And since there are no others of his lineage left; his heart knows best

But cloudiness on the casting of the runic symbols leaves him worried
Of the future as to what’s to come; unbeatable agility to be consistent
And knowing to do what’s right may relinquish the feelings of battle
Even within the after-life, but death has not surpassed him yet
So his position in life is endless-even though at some points in the journey
He may remain completely friendless - that is not necessarily a bad thing Though - such twists are simply twists - though as he stands gazing
(Not staring) at the leaves flowing gently along this tide
He knows what’s within is good and he has nothing yet to hide

As he glances up in that moment watching as the morning drifts on by
He relies on his instincts as the water fairies fly further on
If this warrior can listen enough he can soon hear the faeries’ song!
And whispers from the river will encourage them to soar along
To the forefront of the conscious mind, where thoughts and empathetic
Feelings render and become tenderness in kind- opening themselves further
To the alike-minded free thinkers in thought, where introspection is the key
To answers that are manifested and come forward willingly

The warrior jolts as if waking up from the trance, but in reality
The insight that’s been given to him has started to dance
Around him as a vision of notes of a golden blend
That swirls and prances, playing a fantastical magical tune
He knows that if he doesn’t return home soon that all that has happened
Stories, fables unwritten and words of wisdom of old…
Swirls in music around him as dreams have been taught
And golden calligraphy words illuminated on the silver tide
Cast asunder the magic wherein the truth was sought

For the last fight that had happened, the power was naught
And as the warrior has moved on, new beginnings in sight
The sword has been sheathed with no reason to fight
And as soon as the decision is made; he will stand tall
Courageously strong, strength before mastering all
And even in his life there are unwritten verses
Nobody can rewrite the rest that’s already been wrote
Feather quill poised as it concludes via a few silent notes
Runes casting on the stones clear as the sunset begins

This warrior is lucky to catch glimpse of the embers that fly
As the fiery phoenix’s tail feathers trail across the sky
And its in this moment that the warrior has left the scene
And its in this moment that he knows that his conscience is clean
Free of the guilt, free of regret, free of everything that do not matter
Free of the past and the thoughts that make your heart go pitter-patter
Free of the skepticism that ruled over all; free of criticism
As he’s now trusting in Spirit, and believing in time
That’s why we’ve woven these words fully in rhyme
And its a simple heartfelt wish that needs to be noted
For in life, these twists are what is not sugar-coated

A gentle reminder that intent is everything, regardless of that
Which should not be used as a negative fact
But which should be condensed as truth and that’s it!
Shift your perception, inner vision and gaze
And rely on your soul friends and family; don’t be too fazed

As Spirit are there with you, bringing comfort and support
Be at one with yourself to open that doorway of love
Of positive harmony and inner healing
Calm yourself and many with this beautiful feeling
A feeling of love, universally too - watch me
As I share this beautiful feeling with you
Knowing this passion in my heart to be true!

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Tue May 08, 2018 1:03 pm

The Midnight Hour

I hear the deep voice of the bell, lulling
The city residents into a restless sleep
Hypnotic in its call, I know… it whispers
An unspoken but rhythmic yearning to be heard
But yet still unwritten among the written word

And as I sit there, absorbent, pen in hand,
Quietly surveying and listening to the hush
Of the city’s land…

Its not the tolling of the bell that I hear, but
Whispers from our ancestral friends
And here, the law unto the city ends…

The guards that run this lonely town
To the stars that watch over us
And the forbidden keep
And may keep us safe
Within our sleep

At night though there is nothing new
Except for interference from a group of three
They stand out like you and me
Not belonging yet not being free
Its because of the magic that keeps them bound
Wordless bindings created either way
Through an invocation that makes them stay

The magic of this world at night is more mysterious
Airs and graces makes me feel wary
Realities entwine as the magic transitions
And the night becomes day under any condition
In comparison, though, my attention is drawn
To the rabble of three, strangers that just aren’t fitting in

This to me is a sign of the times; society’s outlaws
Seeking a weakness between the walls of confinement
That doesn't keep me out, but in fact, keeps me in

This world that has been shifted and re-created,
Shaped into my reality, countless dreams now forgotten
Turned into fables and stories of rumors just left untold
Now its my task to write about what rumors are dead
And I’m turning to the source of what this world hasn’t said
That legends and myths are apparently true
And the magic is mentioned to those that knew

But if you listen to the bells’ inspired melody
Then you’d know that what’s written isn’t a felony
The words that have to write and rewrite themselves,
Composed in peace with inspiration from that of the stars
That watch over us as the bell eventually becomes still
And I know that now, its no longer clanging
That my time is up and I have to keep moving

If you would just take a minute to listen
To the bell’s tone, and know that at once
You must head home, to know and be true
To all that is just, all you need now is
To listen to the tune as well as just trust
You know the difference what’s right and
What’s wrong, for whom the bell calls is the answer,

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Tue May 08, 2018 1:05 pm

Magic in a Moment

The rhythmic beat of the heart is strummed
While the first few bars of the melody has begun
Transforming into a series of dancing notes
As the maestro waves his baton around, conducting
The atmosphere is silent within the theater
With a listening but soundless ear

The focus shifts from the front steps to the floor
Where a dancer and her partner pirouettes and twirls
Elegantly in a way that’s entirely sophisticated
Eloquently in a way that’s gentle and new
And as the beat continues a steady tempo
Throughout the piece of music, it gently rises
Ascends into a moment of magic with
The gentle fingertips dancing over the white
And black keys, giving it a feeling of inner warmth
Capturing the harmonies in the blink of an eye

As the tunes remain bound within the music
The quiet hush concludes from those listening nearby
And a round of applause is duly noted, from both
The performers, the dancers as they say goodbye
To the magic of the music, the conductor
And the memories of the night, as people leave
The theater, the memories themselves take flight
And surround you all in love, particularly for tonight.

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Wed May 16, 2018 5:11 pm

No name to this one, but a recent write!

A murmur of words whispers within
The breath of wind that swirls on by
Through the gathered pile of leaves
Golden, Red, Brown and Bronze
And there I sit, watching, waiting
Observing the scene with anticipation
The excited but bubbly feeling of inspiration
That’s wielded within the awaiting moment
And as this moment happens again,
The wind becomes my best mate and friend
And I know, messages will come in while I wait
As they zoom on through the dimension gate
Past the elder with the key that unlocks
Wisdom universally, as the mind is free
No longer wishing of the past of what was
Not meant to be, but surrounding self in love
With all goodness and eternity
May you dream anew with fresh beginnings
And not focus on the old but endless bindings
May the future bring you peace and prosperity
And keep you more contented with divine timings
The words of this message will illuminate
Your pathway forwards, best to be you
but always be true; awaken with light
Do not focus on the difference between the old fight
Know who you are and do what is right, as
Divine justice will prevail and all will be healed,
Your path is known to those that will feel
Love is the key to your way forth, your passion
To help others is rooted deep within, knowing whose who,
Whose not and whose kin.

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Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:13 am

This is something that came in through this morning from my writing guide.
Hopefully it may resonate with others on here. No worries, if it does not.
reiki principles
Anxiety - What is it?

Its a restlessness that oscillates from deep within
A leaf that mirrors and reflects the changes of the tide
As its carried along with the flow of feelings
A volcano of bottled emotions that cascade
And erupt over a period of time
Its when you wait with anticipation
That borders on the hesitation
Its Doubt when you doubt it
And it oozing out of your pores when it pours
Beads of sweat that trickles down your skin
You know you can’t stop the plethora of thoughts
That bury themselves deep within your consciousness
You can’t bring yourself to stop them once you are knee-
Deep in that frame of mind; complete with the low moods
And the teary feeling like you are meant to do something about it
Its the cheery smile that you show everyone but yet; deep down
You are feeling completely the opposite
And you know in your heart that you are not meant to be feeling it
But yet you do, you worry over that, regardless of what others think
For its the thought of everything that puts things into perspective
Its not the actual action nor is it the reaction of the situation
It is what it is; and its difficult to break yourself out of the mindset
Once you are in it - Its a double-edged sword - that maybe
You can free yourself from it if you had the Energy
And the willpower to do so, its not just a one time fling
Its an all the time thing, every day is a new day
But you are still battling the uphill battle
Different pieces may move themselves around the board,
But it is still the game of chess which you are playing
With your feelings, except you are not in charge, they are!

Meaning behind the introspection flow of thoughts - moral of poem -

They don't know what you are feeling until you tell them how you feeling... they won't know the full extent of it until words are spoken, shifted, and then only in that moment, do you begin to find out what the person is experiencing every day of their lives. Take Robin Williams for example!!

So if you know someone that experiences this- be a friend to them-keep your doors open- you might not know the full extent of what they are going through. Don't judge anyone until you know their story within and have walked a day in their shoes. Never judge a book by its cover - but when that person feels ready to tell you their story, you'll know for sure
that you will have been blessed with a gift to know what life has been like for them.

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