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Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:46 am

I wonder what experiences you may have about curses or just stories you heard.
My parents told me one of my great-grannys had the ability to curse people (I also had another great-granny they told me who was a visionary). There is a story when my great-granny wanted to thumb a lift but a van driver thought it would be funny to drive a curve so that she had to jump a bit and of course he didn't stop. She cursed him that he shouldn't arrive to the city today by himself. So she walked her way and she passed the driver what tyre was burst and his van was inside a ditch – the man himself was all right.
But that is just a little story they told me. I never met one of my great-grannys – I only knew my maternal grandmother so I don't know how true that is. Of course I don't think my mother lied to me but she tends to overact and believe in what she says.

However that's only the little story but there is another reason I keep me busy with that. There is a curse on my whole family (maternal). My great great-grandfather had a sand mine company. Some of the workers were gypsies and one day four of the workers had an deadly accident. Their wifes charges my grandpa for that. I don't know if it was his fault. My mother said no. Anyway they spoke the curse over him that no first borne boy of him and his children and children's children will ever come of age. And that went true. The last one of that line was my uncle who was lost with 16 in WW2.

My mother always wished she would have a son but I have three sisters so the curse couldn't really come over us. But in fact I would have four sisters but that was the middle one, so I don't know if there could be any connection. By our generation the curse will be ended because no one of us is married or have kids and I am 40 and the youngest (my sisters are 50, 54, 56). Anyway it keeps me busy. It's a little bit like we carry some of the weight of that curse with us and that it's a result of the curse that we never had kids. Oh, don't get me wrong we are all pleased with our lives and no one of us is a kid's person but it feels like maybe we would be without that curse.

It was a friend of mine who had a huge knowledge about that stuff and gave courses of Family Constellations who gave me that as a clear thought. It would burst that posting but there are many things in my life that seem a heaviness. First he thought the reason was the suicide of my granny (the one I never knew) and did a Family Constellations about her with me. The result was that indeed my granny is restless but also that I was right and it comes from my mother's line. First I was very skeprical about that. In the constellation his wife stood (or better lay) for my granny and then we placed a pillow for my grandfather next to her but she got angry and afraid and pushed it away and said it would be wrong that he's with her.
Later I told my mother about that and she told me that my real grandfather was a very bad man and that it wasn't him if she told me stories about my granny and grandpa but it was her second husband who was a good man. So Janine (the wife of my friend) reacted to things I hadn't known by myself.

He told me I should bet for forgivenes to the wifes of the travellers in my mind. I should meditate about that but it's hard for me to take the guilt to us. It would be easy If it was me even if I didn't anything wrong but it's hard to do it for my grandpa. There is always a bit that I think he was good man and my mother told me the truth, so I come always to his defence in my mind and feelings.

However, that is my story about curses. I told you just to share it but it's not closed for me. So if you have any idea about please feel free. And like I said if you have stories like that please tell me.
"Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.”
― Oscar Wilde

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