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The past, the present and the future.

Is there really life after death?

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Cevin North
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Sat Apr 08, 2017 1:47 pm

Quite a while ago, while my psychic teacher was still amongst the living i did a lot of research into the topics of " Time" " Behaviour" " Existence" and " Being".
During that time period i have been challenged by two (living and a larger amount not living) people and beings to research my own past.

Friends have asked me to walk back trough my " Time" here on earth and see how far i could come. During these astral and dream journeys i have experienced quite a bit. I’ve walked over the grounds to learn from druids, and to remember i was there. I’ve been in Egypt to watch the usage and rituals of the pyramids. I’ve been there in ancient times, all the way back till the day i arrived here, on earth.

According to what i can see, this should have been around 40.000 years ago when the current human race was introduced to earth.

40.000 years ago the human race introduced to earth, wait a minute, according to modern history this is not right. We write that humans are far older and have been here at least 100.000 years. Our historians tell us that. Almost correct. They tell you sapiens have been here around that time. But, if you dig deeper into human kind, you’ll find that loads of what has been pushed forward as truth.

Since i was also learning a lot more at the same time, often without realising it in discussions that went on for hours and hours, with a good cop, bad cop role to explore the boundaries, beyond and in-between it became a time of realisation and rediscoveries.

It was a time to discover who i am, who i was, who i will become. where i have walked, what i have experienced, what i am and what i am not. It was also a time where i got thought to rediscover truths, lies, false information guidance and misguidance.

Therefore. remember to research what you find, seek the source, and verify the truths given to you whenever possible with love and compassion.

This is your time, your life, your experience.

Time, limitations, illusions and boundries do not exist.

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