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Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:07 pm

I haven't been sharing much, every post I write gets deleted by staff, so it's kinda a let down. Then this new forum has set me back. Some say all our old posts are here some where and some say they are not. Who know's.
I've been a Medium for almost 20 years, I've enjoyed helping people and reading. However, I've had a problem that I have not shared, and I don't know why. It's been really had to talk about. I believe in the after life, and I know I've my readings have been accurate, people tell me so. But when I started I was doing a better job at it then now. The problem is that I'm Bi Polar and at one point they increased my meds. When they did, my ability to read went down. My accuracy is the same, it's the ability to make contacts, and to see spirits. If I don't have something for someone I can't read. The spirits just don't show up. I just haven't been able to tell that to anyone. I want to read so bad and it frustrates me so bad.
The other issue that is holding me is what i fee' is inappropriate chat in meet & greet. That's me, I have to deal with that :bum: and that is also my OCD and attention span kicking in. It's hard to focus on some one and try and pick up anything when I'm not included. Also this new chat really makes that hard! :bath:

So that is a little bit about me! Hopefully this won't be deleted! If I'm in the chat say HI, Because I've rather quiet lately and I love to talk and laugh and joke ! :welcome2:

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