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Intuition Resource

Intuition is an unconscious form of knowledge. It is immediate and often not open to rational/analytical thought processes. Intuition differs from an opinion since opinion is based on experience, while an intuition is held to be affected by previous experiences only unconsciously. Intuition also differs from instinct, which does not have the experience element at all. Intuition is trans-intellectual, while instinct is pre-intellectual. A person who has an intuitive opinion cannot immediately fully explain why he or she holds that view. However, a person may later rationalize an intuition by developing a chain of logic to demonstrate more structurally why the intuition is valid.

Intuition is one source of common sense. It can also help in induction to gain empirical knowledge. Sources of intuition are feeling, experiences and knowledge.

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It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Intuition"

Intuition News

When Extrapolation Fails Us: Incorrect Mathematical Conjectures
It is well-known that our intuition is not perfect. We are predictably irrational in a huge number of ways in our everyday lives. But what about something a bit more sophisticated? Are there times when we use our reason—our ability for extrapolation and prediction—and still fail, because things are simply too complicated. This sort of […] The post When Extrapolation Fails Us: Incorrect ...

Tim Kaine: 'My intuition tells me' Hillary Clinton will run
Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia said Monday he thinks Hillary Clinton will run for president next year and that her decision could be known as soon as December.

Intuition Ale Works parking plan approved for Downtown brewery
Developers of the proposed Intuition Ale Works brewery at 929 E. Bay St. found out Thursday that parking can lead to a lengthy discussion. But it didn’t prevent the Downtown Development Review Board from approving the project.

Intuition, Mexican pharmaceutical drug trafficking play key roles in new book
Barbara McKinley Morrison blends fact with fiction in suspense novel ‘Dangerous Beginnings’ (PRWeb September 23, 2014) Read the full story at

Plans brewing to bring big business Downtown
Intuition Ale Works has made it no secret it wants to expand its beer brewing operation into Downtown Jacksonville, and turn the brick building on the corner of Bay Street and A. Phillip Randolph Boulevard into the city's next hot spot.

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