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Intuition Resource

Intuition is an unconscious form of knowledge. It is immediate and often not open to rational/analytical thought processes. Intuition differs from an opinion since opinion is based on experience, while an intuition is held to be affected by previous experiences only unconsciously. Intuition also differs from instinct, which does not have the experience element at all. Intuition is trans-intellectual, while instinct is pre-intellectual. A person who has an intuitive opinion cannot immediately fully explain why he or she holds that view. However, a person may later rationalize an intuition by developing a chain of logic to demonstrate more structurally why the intuition is valid.

Intuition is one source of common sense. It can also help in induction to gain empirical knowledge. Sources of intuition are feeling, experiences and knowledge.

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It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Intuition"

Intuition News

10 choses que les personnes intuitives font différemment des autres
PSYCHO - L'intuition est difficile à définir, en dépit du rôle primordial qu'elle joue dans la vie de tous les jours. Steve Jobs , pour ne citer que lui, disait que l'intuition est "plus puissante que l'intellect." Mais quelque soit la façon dont on la définit, nous savons tous, intuitivement , ce que c'est. Tout le monde ou presque a un jour eu une intuition - ce raisonnement inconscient qui ...

Lukasz - It was intuition not homework
Polish goalkeeper prepared for Saturday's penalty shoot-out but explains why his revision had little effect on the result

What Is Intuition
Intuition is a powerful instinct. Do you trust your intuition or look back in hindsight and wish you had followed your initial gut instincts? Either way, there seems no doubt that something greater than ourselves is at work.

Seven million reasons to trust a woman's intuition
A Takaka couple who won more than $7 million with Big Wednesday say it's all thanks to trusting a woman's intuition.

Why I stopped reading all mommy blogs two years ago
In all our efforts to glean ideas from other mothers, there's the potential to lose touch with our own intuition.

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