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Intuition Resource

Intuition is an unconscious form of knowledge. It is immediate and often not open to rational/analytical thought processes. Intuition differs from an opinion since opinion is based on experience, while an intuition is held to be affected by previous experiences only unconsciously. Intuition also differs from instinct, which does not have the experience element at all. Intuition is trans-intellectual, while instinct is pre-intellectual. A person who has an intuitive opinion cannot immediately fully explain why he or she holds that view. However, a person may later rationalize an intuition by developing a chain of logic to demonstrate more structurally why the intuition is valid.

Intuition is one source of common sense. It can also help in induction to gain empirical knowledge. Sources of intuition are feeling, experiences and knowledge.

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Intuition News

Recognizing and using your intuition
Many times we have an inner knowledge that is very positive. Some describe it as hope or wishing. Some say it is a premonition of things to come.

Wisdom Workout
Time to Make New Choices Intuition has gotten a bum rap over the years. Contrary to popular belief, intuition isn’t a soft, new-age skill. It has a long tradition of consistent use in philosophy, mathematics, business, psy­chology, engineering, linguistics, music, literature, religion, and science. According to the Random House Dictionary of the English Language, intuition […] The post Wisdom ...

Dermot Desmond’s e-learning company racks up €6m profits
Intuition said it boosted profitability by selling more higher-margin products

Comolli: Data is the new gamechanger
The one thing I’ve found is that the top, top coaches — the world-class coaches — their intuition is so good, that they’re matching what the data says.

Making good choices and decisions
A Christian Science perspective: Spiritual intuition can guide all of our decisions.

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