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Orbs is the popular name given to (typically) circular anomalies appearing in photographs. In photography and video, orbs appear to be balls, diamonds, or smears of light with an apparent size in the image ranging from a golfball to a basketball. Orbs sometimes appear to be in motion, leaving a trail behind them.

There are two main schools of thought regarding the cause of orbs in photo images. The first school sees it as a fairly clear-cut case of flash reflection off of dust, particles, insects, or moisture droplets in the air in front of the camera, i.e. they are naturalistic. The opposing school maintains that orbs are paranormal in nature, i.e. non-naturalistic.

While some people claim that orbs are more likely to appear in certain locales, or are attracted to human actitivities (especially those involving children), the images on the internet fora devoted to orbs are taken in graveyards, backyards, attics, and kitchens, as well as bars, convention centers, and city streets -- in short, anywhere people may be taking photos.

As orb photos may demonstrably be gained anywhere, the position of "ghost hunters" who claim orb photos are more common in allegedly haunted areas is significantly weakened. That orb photos can be gained anywhere has, however, been adopted into the position of those who maintain that orbs are probes/devices being used by an alien culture to monitor human activities.

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Orb News

Ghostly orbs, the Grey Lady and a Doorway to Hell
Ben Hooper WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 (UPI) -- Halloween ghost stories: Glass-smashing orbs, a haunted Game of Thrones location and Ohio's "Doorway to Hell" among the spooky sights caught on camera in 2014.

The sweet side of growing beets
Red orbs are rising out of the soil in my garden, demanding to be pulled. I will pull them, but not all at once.

A magical setting
PORTSMOUTH – Visitors to the Moffatt-Ladd House & Garden were treated to a holiday transformation of the museum, which included 60 decorated trees and wreaths and magical orbs glowing in the historic Whipple horse chestnut tree.

London lights up for Christmas: in pictures
London turns into one of the world's most magical capitals during Christmas,...

Thousands of balloons rise to sky to fete Berlin Wall fall
The flight of the glowing white orbs through the heart of Berlin marked the climax of a huge open-air party at the Brandenburg Gate, the symbol of German unity, which drew an estimated one million guests to the city.

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