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Orbs is the popular name given to (typically) circular anomalies appearing in photographs. In photography and video, orbs appear to be balls, diamonds, or smears of light with an apparent size in the image ranging from a golfball to a basketball. Orbs sometimes appear to be in motion, leaving a trail behind them.

There are two main schools of thought regarding the cause of orbs in photo images. The first school sees it as a fairly clear-cut case of flash reflection off of dust, particles, insects, or moisture droplets in the air in front of the camera, i.e. they are naturalistic. The opposing school maintains that orbs are paranormal in nature, i.e. non-naturalistic.

While some people claim that orbs are more likely to appear in certain locales, or are attracted to human actitivities (especially those involving children), the images on the internet fora devoted to orbs are taken in graveyards, backyards, attics, and kitchens, as well as bars, convention centers, and city streets -- in short, anywhere people may be taking photos.

As orb photos may demonstrably be gained anywhere, the position of "ghost hunters" who claim orb photos are more common in allegedly haunted areas is significantly weakened. That orb photos can be gained anywhere has, however, been adopted into the position of those who maintain that orbs are probes/devices being used by an alien culture to monitor human activities.

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Orb News

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WELLINGTON, ONT.—It was an unbelievubble sight. Tiny bubbles, enormous orbs and tubs of suds bathed this little town in good clean fun that put a soap-slicked smile on everyone’s face. “Everybody loves bubbles,” said Teena Lemieux — self-proclaimed as Canada’s only bubbleologist — who came from Cambridge to launch transparent, undulating amoebas over the heads of delighted children. “They’re ...

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Some of my favorite games are Japanese, and many of them have been forgotten. Here's my list of the 8 Japanese games most in need of a reboot.The post .

Wild Side: Answers from the Wild Side: The gall of some wasps
If your oak tree is sporting bright green orbs, read on. The great outdoors can produce baffling mysteries. MVTimes Wild Side columnist Matt Pelikan tries his best to solve them.

Three great bites: Bay Area's best falafel
Ah, falafel. Done right, those tender orbs of mashed chickpeas or fava beans are fried to a state of crisp deliciousness, tucked in a pita and sauced and accessorized to a state of textural splendor. Done wrong, and they're leaden pucks.

Crackdown Xbox One will be a "mash-up" of co-op and single player
"Choose at will in the game, instead of hiding behind menus and loads and lobbies". A new Crackdown had been rumoured ever since one of its distinctive agility orbs was spotted on-stage at the Xbox One console reveal in May last year. It wasn't until just a few weeks ago that Microsoft confirmed the news with a CG taster trailer at its E3 media briefing - in which three agents co-ordinated their ...

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