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The soul, according to many religious and philosophical traditions, is a self aware ethereal substance particular to a unique living being. In these traditions the soul is thought to incorporate the inner essence in each living being, and to be the true basis for sentience. In distinction to spirit which may or may not be eternal, souls are usually (but not always as explained below) considered to be immortal and to pre-exist their incarnation in flesh. The concept of the soul has strong links with notions of an afterlife, but opinions may vary wildly, even within a given religion, as to what happens to the soul after the death of the body. Many within these religions and philosophies see the soul as immaterial, while others consider it to possibly have a material component, and some have tried to establish the mass (weight) of the soul.

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Soul News

Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Ivory King DLC is delayed
Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Ivory King, the third DLC chapter for the Dark Souls sequel, is being delayed on all formats, Bandai Namco confirmed today. The DLC release, originally scheduled to launch on Sept. 24, will now see a release on Sept. 30 for Steam and Xbox Live. The DLC will launch for PlayStation Network on Oct. 1. Publisher Bandai Namco offered no explanation for the delay.

Delay for Final Chapter of Dark Souls 2 DLC Trilogy
Crown of the Ivory King to be released across late September and early October.

Dark Souls Dev Won't Stop Making Difficult Games Anytime Soon
Games with a high degree of difficulty are now the "minority," From Software says.

How Lords of the Fallen won over this skeptical Dark Souls fan
When I played Lords of the Fallen earlier this year in a demo at E3, I was left skeptical. Two weeks ago, I got to sit down for a full hour with a near-complete build of Lords of the Fallen while talking with executive producer Tomasz Gop. "The E3 demo is something we could have done better," Gop admitted immediately.

Someone beat Dark Souls using a Rock Band guitar controller
The act of simply completing Dark Souls, the notoriously difficult action role-playing game by From Software, is for many players an impressive accomplishment in and of itself. Gwin recently completed his "Guitar Souls" run of the game with a custom input mapping for the Rock Band Xbox 360 controller, which he detailed on Reddit. According to Gwin, his guitar controller Dark Souls run took a ...

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