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Thu Dec 13, 2018 2:34 am

Hey everyone,

So I made the mistake of letting my ex back in for a short amount of time only for him to play me and fill my ears with untrue things. I knew something felt a little off but I wanted things to work so badly I ignored them. I love him but I’m so ready to meet the one who returns that love equally back to me. Im hurting because I was hoping he had changed but I think I’m really hurting because I’m tired of not receiving the same kind of love I give out.

Does anyone see me meeting “the one” anytime soon? I’ve been researching a lot on law of attraction/source/higher self and i wanted to know, what do I need to do in order to bring in my life long there anything I should be working on in myself and or sorting through to get my dream life with him. If you pick up any appearances/names/anything else about him I’d love to hear what anyone gets!

Thank you to anyone who understands and can help me have more faith about my future with somebody else.

(This picture was actually taken at my ex’s place last weekend just FYI) not sure if that matters or not.

Much love,



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Sun Dec 23, 2018 11:30 am


I feel that you are still very entwined with your ex and until you learn to section off that part of your life, Mr Right is not gonna touch you with a ten foot barge pole. This means you need to understand the narcissistic personality type and that you will keep getting reeled in for supply by this man (your ex)... until you draw boundaries for yourself.

You are sweet, naive, kind and attractive, just the type of person a narcissist looks for and sinks their claws into and unfortunately you share children with this person, so are tied to them for some time. Ask ArchAngel Michael to shield you from this toxic bond as much as is possible. Guided meditations will help and you can visualise a pink bubble of protection that only positive higher energies can penetrate.

Don’t expect a white knight to come and fix your problems... YOU need to do the inner work on yourself, only then will the man vibrating at a higher frequency be drawn to you... then the time will be right.

As for specifics, timing can be tricky and will depend on what I’ve suggested above and how quickly you raise your vibration and sort through your past. I see a man with dark hair, gorgeous smile and expressive eyes entering your life. A tradesman with a strong work ethic.

All the best 😀

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Sun Dec 30, 2018 12:51 am

Hi there. Well if i didnt know better I would say I had wrote that about me!!!. Good grief we don't half make life difficult for ourselves do we??. This was me from the age of 14-20 then again 21-27 and I'm 38 now!!. Yes,I have been single for 11 yrs!! And I must add thro choice although I kept going for the bad boys and how did I end up?? Single,lonely and used. U will only ever go on the path that 'the one' is on when u learn to love the one person that matters to u. YOU!. WITHOUT going on,I have found out who I truly am,how I shld be treated,spoken too but most of all that I ain't fitting in anyone's box!!.

Now. Ur lovely picture,when this was taken how happy on a scale of 1-10,10 being happier than happy??. I ask u this as I have a young women draw close,she's is asking u this question. Most honest person she Was,too honest,loving and caring. Yes we hope that people change esp when it comes to love but how many times do we allow ourselves to go back??
I get the feeling that the bf house is not one of peace,calm or relaxation?. This women says that surroundings influence our feelings just as much as people. You have one burning question she says that u so need answered and yes u are searching for the faith. Ask urself This,if u had a daughter wld u be happy with the situation that u are in??. Feel free to ask me anything. .

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Wed Mar 13, 2019 1:49 am

Your to your soul. They show joy and pain at the same time
Peace Love Prosperity

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