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What is my picture telling you?

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 5:05 am
by brissmith
Would love and appreciate your insights
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Re: What is my picture telling you?

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 8:17 am
by Kalankilanki
Youre a soft kind hearted person with energy that lifts others up and makes them happy I also saw you with a golden retriever or a lab and it was a female dog

Re: What is my picture telling you?

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 9:25 am
by brissmith
Thanks! I do care alot about others..probably too much.Not sure who the dog is...we have never had a lab or golden retriever.

Re: What is my picture telling you?

Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 4:30 am
by jstanleyf
Things I pick up initially
When looking at this picture it feels like you are coming back from receiving important news. I get a feeling of just visiting a doc perhaps or similar. It seems like you're trying to keep your spirits up as of late. I get a sense that all in the world around you may not be as happy or bright as you'd like to be as a general sense. I get a sense that you're a spiritual type of personal in nature with a healing type of aura. I get that you could possible work or have relationships with caring for others. When I think about what kind of job you have I get that you may have in the past worked with animals or have a fondness for them, get a vet feeling maybe, I also got a small office vibe so maybe care helper into nursing or office work?

I sense that you have a fondness for females around you in your circle. It seems like you rely on these types of people for inspiration or conversation even though I feel you're pretty good at relying on yourself and your own inner strength to talk yourself through uncomfortable situations. It seems like you may have recently had some sort of loss, maybe a pet doggo? I get a name like 'bart/bar' not sure if that relates to anything but I'll throw it out there as it came up. I just get a general sense of caring for others is in your personality or persona. I also feel like you could provide support for young women or girls, something about the necklace in the image, I saw 3 of those jade looking pieces and it brought that up.

I feel like there is something important to you coming up. It feels like a male figure needs to accept something. When I see this I can't tell initially if its father, or if its boss at work, but it seems very important that it go as planned. Just throwing this out there I hear a name like J- maybe jill that relates to a female, I also saw initially a flower with that who may need to be reminded 'of a rose', not sure what that means. Im not sure I just see a lady looking down, doesn't look like shes in a happy mood, maybe she needs some uplifting.

Hope some of that makes sense. Thanks.

Re: What is my picture telling you?

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 9:06 am
by brissmith
Thank you! I really appreciate your thoughts on what you picked up. Here's what it might be...

I had just been in a meeting with executives. Not really important news but I was unwinding a bit from that. I have had alot of visits to my dentist plus osteopath as I am undergoing dental treatment and suffer from sleep apnea. I had seen the osteopath the day before.

Yes I am trying to keep my spirits up. The treatment is swings and roundabouts,I am tired and work is stressful.
I am a spiritual type and do have a caring nature - probably too caring. I take on alot of the emotions of others. I am into office work - I work with others as a change manager - so taking them through work change of some sort,like through communication and training. I work in a small team but within a large organisation.

I do have a fondness for animals, as a family we often do dog sitting. No recent loss - we lost our dog Harry about two years ago so I'm not sure the bart/bar.

I wonder if the woman looking down is my mother - Janet. Does she have a message for me?

And can you see anything about my career / job?