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Backward School bus rolling dream?

Want to know the meaning to your dreams or nightmares?

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Tue Dec 25, 2018 5:28 pm

I would love some input on the dream that I had last night!

I was on a yellow school bus, It was just the driver, a man, and I on the bus. No one else.
We had driven up a road that was a huge hill, in a small town- a lot of people out and about, walking around.
All of a sudden the bus starts rolling backward, the driver gets up from the drivers seat and comes in the back toward me. He tells me that the bus can't be stopped and we are going to crash.
I was VERY calm and told him that we needed to relax and prepare.
I told him to take a seat in the back and to hold on very tightly, there were no seat belts.
I found the bus seat that I wanted, curled down towards the seat in front of me, and grabbed underneath the seat to anchor myself.
I told him that we were going to start flipping, and to just hold on. Everything would be fine.
The bus kept rolling backwards and then turned sideways down the road, it flipped over and started rolling sideways down the hill, very fast.
I was calm and relaxed the whole time. I remember holding on tightly and watching everything around me flip around, almost just waiting for it to stop and be done.
I remember thinking that I needed to be careful not to hit my head, to keep focused on what was happening and to keep control, don't get scared. "It will be fine."
The bus stopped rolling at the bottom of the hill and landed back upright.
As soon as it stopped, paramedics rushed on and were looking at me before I realized we had stopped.
There was a crown of people.
I told the paramedics that we were both fine.
Which we were, the driver was fine also.
They kept looking me over, I was dizzy/a bit out of it, but calm and aware of what was going on.

That's about all I remember!
I've never had a dream quite like this one before, it was all very vivid.

I would love any insight you get from this dream!
Thank you so much in advance!
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