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Help where do i start to understand whats going on with my new awakening to spirits and mediumship

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Wed Jun 07, 2017 4:48 pm

my name is mark and here is about me viewtopic.php?f=20&t=497
many people come here and question why they are getting paranormal experiences they are seeking answers and there can be many reasons lets just say you dont take drugs Or alchol dependant dont get bad depression or have recently had a operation
then the reason you may be getting the many things like seeing spirits hearing them feeling them could be due to i believe a scenario where they are trying to get your attention sometimes because they have a message for you ,or its a loved one who has passed or that i believe one strong possibility is that they want you to no that they are there so you communicate with them and this is a stepping stone to many peoples beginning journey to learn abt mediumship and contacting spirit for a journey you will never believe that can be so exciting now if this is so many will want to no what they could do ie if they see faces whilst going to sleep or they hear voices or even beautiful music you could be developing and becoming a sensitive leading to mediumship how amazing is that i no this has happened to a lot of people please remember there are various scenarios as above but this one happens a lot to many people signs of spirt around are cobweb feeling on the face music ,tappings, going cold , breezees,lights flashing many things you may eventually see a full form spirit apparition its a amazing thing to happen and you are welcome to come into chat for advice etc i will add more when i can :D
i see many faces when falling asleep just before,it seems strange and they are so real ,the only ones i get are spirit that have passed over but some of you will get grounded spirit these are ones who havent gone to the light its hard for a beginner to no how they can differenciate it takes time understand that you have to be cautious abt dealing with spirit as there are procedures to follow above all i reccomend a spiritualist church if they have development classes to help you get it right
please note that if you ever get told something untowards or frightened by whats said then its best to back off and dont contact at all with them and ask a moderator in the chat room to advise you see that usually one wants to learn more but be carefull ,most spirit contact is incredibly uplifting and amazing but there are exceptions as above ,a experienced medium would advise grounding ,get to no your guides ,and a protection system that is there for you to moove this forward
when you get this right and your intentions are what id say for the best the journey ahead has a amazing effect on you and your lifes pathway leading to amazing things for some that you could at the moment not even comprehend the seeing faces can also be the start of things like in the future getting visions or someone you may meet ,even past life people if you get worried and initially just want to get help you can simply ask the divine white light to help you in your mind ,most peoples third eye is opening slightly if they get are about to sleep when they are seeing spirits that have passed it to me is the beginning usually of clairvoyance
indigo children get this a lot
one way to deal with this if you can meet your guide and get assistance of help or for many meditation can help

a long time ago i had this happen when i was a child and i was able to communicate with the spirits they was always loving and i also use to see animals that wwas able to speak with me through telepathy i realise now they was guides showing in that form as i was a child they dont ask you to anything scary and always i felt love when they was with me i realised from a young age that they was just about love and helping me at times i remember being in a dangerous situation where they came to me suddenly stopping me and i was able to avoid the danger ahead amazing indeed

when you get any experiences like this please right them down and also when they happen and how you are feeling that day whats happened and try to be thorough as you then may be able to make better sense of whats going on because if you see one person and you eventually no who they are you can then sometimes find that they only appear at a certain time of a very important date or similar the reasons can be endless i no of people who have no idea whats going on but when they write it down it begins to make sense
once i saw a wolf who kept looking at me i believed this was a spirit totem the wolf would be there a lot staring i felt so at ease with it and now the wolf is with me a lot i remember seeing it recently but in a different way it was to my left hand side of my eye in brilliant colour i saw every small detail not like when falling asleep with multiple faces ,its smell was there as well and now this wolf is with me a lot im able to call it to be with me when i want i tr y not to often but believe me the reassurance i get is wow ,i also use to get the faces who did talk and said random things like a shouting noise is how it felt but never anything untowards sometimes they would make a sentance that i could understand once or twice a angelic figure with amazing voice and eyes waking me up for something that happened oh the journey is amazing! :)
there are so many wonders of this world and so many other planets worlds ahead that when you realise that there is so much more and you could eventually become a medium who gives evidence that life is continuous remember that it can just start with one face looking at you when you are about to fall asleep ,what a amazing way to get your attention
same with the voices and clairaudience where they are heard before sleeping and you try to make out who its coming from and why and the same applies to "lets just say you dont take drugs Or alcohol dependant dont get bad depression or have recently had a operation " if your not any of these theyre a amazing way they try to get your attention and for the same reason i use to hear the most amazing choir singers but they sounded more angelic my development now is stronger and i hear amazing music that i cannot explain but i believe it comes from the devine source let us no if you ever hear it
sometimes we are given sounds as well ,i use to get a bell ,thumping ,drumming ,crashing noise ,giggling,laughter wierd like coded sounds just to get my attention ,i do reccomend of course that through the learning process you take controll and do what we call opening and closing down to this but thats a different subject

the negative side of what could happen is that the grounded energy that could be wanting attention etc is best ignored if they for example pull a wierd face or look non human if you ever dont feel happy just totally ignore whats happening get up eat cake drink tea watch a program like a comedy for a while if they pursist you will need guidance again ask a mod in chat to help they will no who to ask and remember abt the spiritualist church for help ,if these things are ignored they can just go away i only work with the light with spirit guides who are from the divine source ,i have many times worked to help grounded spirit but this takes time and experience
i do hope this helps a bit its something that can be very confusing to some but we at abt are there to help if we can but you do need to try to listen to whats been said and make your own choices and take whats good for you please
please note that some people recognise that upto 28% of general population hear voices that others do not and there are also medical reasons so if your unsure at all please contact your doctor
so here is the start to some questions you have which many come into chat asking about i can answer questions in depth if you dont follow in chat and the next part is many say they have bad dreams like visions that they do not want this can be part of psychic medium and a way again like stepping stones as mentioned many dread the visions as they are worried what can they do abt this there are many things if what you see happens then you will need to find a way to let people no if you can prevent them being in danger or similar some get the visions and its bigger world events so difficult to try to stop this if again you get assistance from the right source you can even train your self to ask for these to go away and again it will lead to something else more positive usually if the dreams you get are something sinister like what people think are demonic or very negative then id advise see a doctor abt anything that you are unsure about better to be safe than sorry i use visions to try to help people when i can if its about someone you no its easier to try to help ,its a difficult one that puts people in a difficult place sometimes remember keep a journal!
i have had a vision of someone once in a red car having a accident i went to a job and was talking to the lady and it lead to my abilities then i in my mind the car belonged to them to him he drives it i explained to her without trying to frighten her what id seen but it was ignored he was abt 1 month later involved in a car accident and he died i had done as much as i felt i could we carry a great responsibility with these things there is so much to learn and it makes into better people evolving doing these things with love and compassion to others in our approach the awakening to this so it seems never ending
something for you to ponder on with the voices faces visions with life its self ... dments.htm
1. Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect.

2. Remain close to the Great Spirit, in all that you do.

3. Show great respect for your fellow beings.
(Especially Respect yourself)

4. Work together for the benefit of all Mankind.

5. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.

6. Do what you know to be right.
(But be careful not to fall into self-righteousness)

7. Look after the well being of mind and body.

8. Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.

9. Be truthful and honest at all times.
(Especially be truthful and honest with your self)

10. Take full responsibility for your actions
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Wed Jun 07, 2017 8:27 pm

Hi Mark

Lots of info there thanks for sharing. Journalling is a good idea, most of what we have come through is worth writing down I think as sometimes it might make sense later

the reason you may be getting the many things like seeing spirits hearing them feeling them could be due to i believe a scenario where they are trying to get your attention sometimes because they have a message for you ,or its a loved one who has passed or that i believe one strong possibility is that they want you to no that they are there so you communicate with them and this is a stepping stone to many peoples beginning journey to learn abt mediumship and contacting spirit for a journey you will never believe that can be so exciting now if this is so many will want to no what they could do
Good way of putting it.. once you become relaxed with spirit presence from there you can open up further

I agree that sometimes it's not a haunting as such (in a negative light) but can be spirit just trying to catch our attention.. the media highlight most of the paranormal as dark dangerous and risky but it can also be spirit trying to convey a message to us or for us to pass on .. :)
"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:15 am

Lovely post mark - sage words of wisdom there :) also I trust in spirit 100% to give me the correct information to the sitter as to what needs to be delivered at the time of the open link too -useful too so others that find it may come and share their experience or if they have similar experiences as well.

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Thu Jun 08, 2017 3:16 pm

so i am trying to remember what use to confuse me about linking in with spirit it was quite difficult to close down but everything was sorted out by my guides who assisted me in many ways but i do no for most people who have to learn how to seeing a teacher in the spiritualist church is the way forward but if you cant and you find spirit are there wanting your help you will still have meet your helpers guide which is a big topic you must always have protection when dealing with any spirit and the one way is to visually see a bubble surrounding you in your mind that will not let anything through your protection
another is putting one way mirrors around you so you see out but any negativity cant see in there are many ways
also you need to open up which is done with your mind you can just say i am open and imagine a white light coming through your head that comes from the devine source or you can have a ritual to close down afterwards the light can be imagined that it now leaves through your head
surrounding yourself in white light and feel the love of the universe is god as well
after doing the contact with spirit its god to have a glass of water go for a walk calm your mind etc i have a amazing looking tree where i go sometimes just touching it and i imagine its deep rots that ground me
there are so many ways but for a beginner these will suffice although using the chakras is a amazing but slightly more complex way you can also use a black tourmaline or black obsidan spray to help in your home to keep the energy

if you do feel anything around you that doesnt feel right remember deep breathing exercises can help

there is a plant worth growing called a tulsi plant and there are many who say that it keeps negetive energys away so there is no harm done using it ive only heard of positive things same with people wearing a black tourmaline bracelet but remember to cleanse them i am always open to spirit and i dont close down i dont feel the need to but if i did i would telepathicaly get my guides to assist this can come with time when you start
please be aware that if you dont get assistance at a spiritualist church or one to one with a good medium that you could really strugle with all of this some people are natural mediums what i call seers ,like ria on this site who has immense knowledge and is a wise soul in many ways the info she gives is from her inside (there are others as well
) but you also get some who are good at helping but are generic in there info which they really dont properly understand first hand and to advise we must no what we are talking about and struggling and mis information will potentially do damage so get it right first time ,if you are blessed and its 2nd nature and your a natural then please let us no
a bit about my guides helping me.. :D
there are so many things that I have been shown by my guides and spirit that I can share with you
I was shown that we at birth come here with another energy I believe to be out guide our main one so we are bever alone how lovely is that and I also believe through various things I have seen that we choose our parents yes in another place where we go when we pass we communicare as light beings that choose what lies ahead for us with the choices we will have to make in life and choose parents for that journey how amazing give that some thought but I also believe that we do not all do this
when you think abt this the possibilities are endlesss ie born into what religion,what type of family etc its endless and what a journey if one has been here before and chooses to be born lets say to a peasent living is africa with much harship to learn the lessons needed because once passed over we will learn so mucg abt the realitys of we don’t die ad we live forever in a spiritual body so hopefully we learn the lessons over whatever life that human form has
one amazing thing amoungst so so many is the realisation for me that higher beings or ascended masters could have been here on earth and some not as they live temporarily in whatever form in different worlds
I believe jesus was one of these ascended masters a very special soul very evolved in so many ways
remember that lessons in life can be very harsh but they have to be so we are able to realise who we are and our long journeys
I could speak about this and what I have learnt been shown guided to learn from the simple thought I had abt how I can see auras for example ,as I just asked my guide and they showed me it was so amazing I remember sitting outside and relaxing thinking I don’t see auras that clearly and asked why and then I saw so many colours passing by me in my 3rd eye vision I remember all the blends of colours especially the vibrant pink mauve green ones I was able to the next day see a aura and then I would raise vibration and get a strong feeling what the colour meant to me for that person specific not generic like a symbol means something so I was able to then get changes within aura with the shades of say yellow to primrose and I would also sometimes see a red flash in the aura that was interesting when someone was about ie who would enter a room while I was looking at aura so its always changeable whilst I was being taught my guide would laugh with me and show me colours I didn’t even no excisted as if to say there s so much more which I knew there is but I still don’t know the relevance so again I asked and they explained from what I could understand that the colours are used and relevant to different energys ie beings form elsewhere I still havent quite fully understood what I man is that my knowledge is limited atm to the human auric field
so aura readings are amazing and try to learn as they do enhance ones readings massively and there is so much info ie the sitters moods,thoughts towards something ,changability ,illness can be there as well
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Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:34 pm

Wow! Awesome and informative posts for everyone to learn from Mark. Thanks for taking the time out to post this.

LWM :sunflower:

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Fri Jun 09, 2017 4:46 pm

about guides ,my feeling on them is that you should be aware that they are around you if you are a sensitive to these things ie spirits and guides are here to watch over I believe they will not directly tell you what to do but they will guide ,point us in the right direction and I believe that they will also if danger is ahead make us aware sometimes through different ways I have seen guides totems for a long time now and have many interesting stories that I can tell but for some people they will in this lifetime never see a guide or hear them which is frustrating for them it seems the more you want it sometimes you just don’t get this there are severall ways to meet your guide I believe this is a good cd ... -235-p.asp there are free ones available on youtube you may get a vision some smell thoughts there are many things that can happen some people only see them in dreams try meditating to gentle music no singing and relax ask your guide to step forward they may just do that sometimes you wont no theyre about but if your for example reading a magazine say that’s at a friends randomly looking and you find there is a article in it that helps you that can be your guide leading you to it maybee a song you play has words you needed to hear at that moment this can be the way a guide works you can try to visualise in the quietness a forest with big trees and imagine a area that is bare see it in your mind then ask your spirit guide to be there for you if you see a animal that can be the form the guide has taken some people get a sheet of paper and relax and try automatic writing do it with the hand you don’t write with just go with the flow see if anything happens remember to always beforehand visualise the white light coming through your head crown chakra and ground afterwards some people create a spiritual place in there home with,plants vibrant colours use of scented candles or ornaments or stones or some crystals all of this can help .i personaly was able to meet my guides regularly where they came and sat with me and taught me but for many of you the best youll get is some validation they are there and assistance they don’t rush in they do stay behind the scenes generally but for me it was different you should always feel completely happy with them and the feeling of love around them I have never felt different and they always are very approachable and ive never seen felt any aggression or even seen them angry I believe they no how to work with us and always have best intentions but they cannot get over involved with us I do no so many people struggle with guides but remember they arent there to be there for us when we call them there intention is more so if we need them they do want us to receive and find enlightenment they may let us no they are there due to the time not being appropiate time is diferent for them they also wont just communicate the way we expect and sometimes they need to let us go our own way and pathway meditation is a amazing tool that is worth trying there is so much that can happen and for me it is essential due to being relaxed and spirt guides able to help that way as im relaxed I will never forget the times they have helped me when I really needed them there was a few times and I could see all these images in colours trying to get me to hold things together and I was able to it was amazing the power and the love oh what a journey

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Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:11 pm

a s i sit here in the chat room im very aware of my guide he is looking at me frowning and being serious but as i acknowledge this he smiles i get the feeling he is thinking about what i have seen recently and is making me aware of paintings and pictures now i no i cant do this but the push nudge is coming from that direction i will have to think more about this i do no i would like more pictures paintings in my home but i feel i do not necessarily want to buy them i love good paintings that freinds family have done for me i feel they are so special personel to me now i think im getting what why he is showing me this they do that subtly to make me think and i will as ive just explained how they make me feel its a bit like a riddle how they do things its so very subtle trust me this is how it really happens and its so real they will not usually just spell these things out !its thought provoking and its for me to work it out im not into challenges puzzles but i do have to think hard to get things right so i will see what happens usually it just clicks and not always the obviuos i do believe it also depends on ones nature so its not generic but usually is now i am seeing my guide is showing me where in spirit there is a huge gallery where spirit ,those who have passed go to in a huge hall long corridors with the most amazing pictures and there the same round light forms and the pulsating pastel type energys with human form spirit who are watching painting and wow they are being taught how to paint its really amazing they do not seem to be standing they are floating there is a outside area where the children play and i can see they are being taught they have a der theyre painting and there is also smaller being there very petit blueish colour with the children this is not a human form now i see a spiral staircase type thing which the being goes down ,i am now back here lol wow that was amazing

this comes to mind the personal way in which a painting can be so wow Image
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Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:08 pm

a man walked into me today as i was walking to work now i am a big build tough looking bloke and he was as well i was looking where i was going but he was not and i tried to avoid him but no
so we clashed he said to me .... ..... watch where your going and i just smiled at him so he turned back at me and said why are you smiling in a angry way and walked upto me in my face i was outside where i was to start working and the other men i was with was watching i just said to him looks it was a accident patted him on the back and said no harm done he had a big scar across his face looked manacing so he went away
the men said why didnt you hit him etc and i just laughed

he was in pain i could feel ,later he walked past as i was going in the street and we nearly collided again i said hello to him he gave me a funny look
i said to him may i share something with you and he sat on the wall with me ,his mum had died yesterday and he was lost i was able to connect with her and i had unknowingly done a job for her when i described where she lived etc and gave him lots of info
he then hugged me crying and shook my hand as the men just watched he then walked away

coincedence? i dont think so
today saturday just finished my work and arrived home the place here is still there is no activity at the moment so time to reflect and my attention is with the small garden created here you may have seen the photo of the many things within it when again i see something mooving freely there is a noise like a hummimg and also this orb looking thing rests on a leaf which is big but not heavy to take much weight there is a bee thats near it and they dont seem to worry each other!its really hot here and the colours seem to shine in the sun more .ill go to it see what happens as i can see it from my computer upon doing so its still there minding its own business and its gone well i do now wonder what this can be !
if you see orbs try to feel who they are if its with your own eye rather than a camera watch them carefully be aware that most orbs are dust pollen etc that appear on photos
i have a amazing orb photo with a mans face not a cartoon type one ill put it here sometime although qualitys not that good
so put aside the orbs that are not energy ,watch if you can see then i remember when i was a child that i saw a orb for 1st time it came in the room stopped mooved a bit and then there was a mist type apparition before me that then turned into a human form i believe some orbs are the first stage of a manesfestation of spirit or a form o f energy if you se e this you will have no doubt! i prefer to video them with a blackout light next to the video recorder it minimises dust
http://strangeoccurrencesparanormal.wee ... ained.html
when you get the photos remember how you feel when you get that photograph but please be aware that you need to be carefull in understanding the above
many people show me photos of dust it gets a bit boring the pixels can also make the photo look spooky so carefull research will help you avoid this
i remember sitting with 2 mediums in a circle and he had the vid cam on and d ust was everywhere he was saying wow i said its dust!he was saying its spirit s souls etc people can get carried away! a medium would no better you would think
some orbs are real!very hard to photograph in daylight which is a shame
orbs manifest from portals this is where spirit /energy easily come through like a gateway for them i believe mirrors can be a portal so i had one fixed on a stable and then i use another that i hold to help and i strategically place some ornaments near it and a small waterfall water atracts energy and evp ill show you some photos Image
the one with the ducks is where the waterfall is and this is where iget a lot of my evp Electronic voice phenomena
if you want to hear voices on a recorder and record them its very easy but you must be cautious its best to use protection ie a prayer a symbol you use or whatever procedure you follow using a phone ,audio casette player or dictaphone mobile phones arent that good so relax be positive try to not have any other sounds around you ie minimalise them ask out loud what is your name and wait etc then play the recordings back with use of headphones above all be respectfull of spirit if you feel uneasy or get negative voices saying things then delete and moove on listen very carefully and when you get better at it try playing the recordings backwards!oh yes it can be revealing this is helpfull

i do not reccomend you try any form of spirit contact if you are feeling negative or unhappy ,if you drink alcohol or do drugs if on heavy medication if you are tired or if youve just had a operation if you are bipolar or any similar medical problems children should never attempt any of this

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Sat Jun 10, 2017 4:20 pm

spirit and energy attachments

be carefull of this a attachment was once known as posession but many realise the saing attachment is much closer to what can happen and its when a lets say human thats now finishe d life here hasnt crossed to the spirit world so they use some peoples energy to make them feel better and other things as humans have a lot of energy as we get this form food etc they can attach to a human as its what theyve seen others do and we are easy prey and for example if you smoke weed and they did in there life here they still want that buzz or whatever it does to you and if they was a bad person on earth they can continue to do so ,so they can try to get in our auric field which is easier if its been weakened ie a operation afterwards whilst your on the mend you mmay actually not be aware if you get one they can change how you think and they can be very disruptive i no there are many people with mental illness who have this problem so all spirit work requires a lot of understanding ! some people never get any problems at all some people allways ill and do not realise
am i trying to scare you no
but ill tell you a story abt this
there was a lovely young lady who had bipolar she also saw spirit i believe when she was down ie upset she saw more which could have been loved ones but she also saw othere lower grounded spirit that she was having problems with waking her up disruptive etc but she loved the good side and she was a sensitive where she would communicate with them she had no help training she would do this for hours one day she was low and no energy next day wouldnt get out of bed next day got taken to doctors then hospital she was hearing voices through her bipolar mental health not spirit at that time she said she could feel a difference and she was loosing the plot with it all in hospital they kept her in then let out and she spoke with me saying she had seen some things she never wants to see again and wanted to kill herself that she had no way of escaping the hell that she felt she had created within she didnt ever learn things properly she disnt get training she didnt work with the devine it was anything that came her way i reccomended she immediatly go to a spiritualist church and get help from 2 experienced healers and a medium she did and told me she was feeling better but this took 6 months to start her on the right pathway where she now totally has nothing to do with this
she had mental health issues and usually id advise stay clear of this

unless you do it properly and get the training required please

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Sat Jun 10, 2017 4:45 pm

Glad this has been stickied, was going to say it should be stickied as a post that newcomers and oldcomers may find useful and handy. :thumbsup:

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