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feather exercise for clearing the aura it the natural way!

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Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:08 pm

The Feather Exercise

You can use any feather for this exercise , whether its a owl feather or an angel feather.
Make sure its cleared with a visualisation of beautiful white light first before use. Infuse feather with this positive intention & bless away any negative energy collected within its consciousness.

You can either do this literally or through clear but guided instructions. This exercise is intended to encourage your energy to flow more smoothly & swiftly around your aura.

Simply approach the exercise by relaxing deeply. Breathe in and out releasing all mediocre tension and collecting stress energy within the body. Now take the feather, hold the feather with between first fingertip & your thumb & sweep away the excess energy collected within your aura. Start at the head of your body near the crown chakra; on the left hand side move the feather downwards in the way; as it happens, visualize the ends of the feather sweeping away further negative energy and old vibration away from your aura.

Carry on sweeping with the feather down your body to your waist, carefully but gently sweeping away all negative vibes like jealousy, doubt, envy, emotional energy, fearfulness, failure, misgivings, distrust, stress, conflicting energy that ought not to be there, allowing the flow of energy to move quickly around you and your aura; vacating the old but letting the new energy of love and universal light to be embraced in the name of positive intention and positive energy.

When you reach your feet & The soles of your feet, now do the same from the right hand side of your head to the waist, to your feet, all around the aura, so as to ensure it brushes what is not needed away leaving your energies light airy and peaceful.

If needed for a deeper clearing to ask for the flow to be moving around your aura energy if in doubt of feeling stagnant, bathe yourself and feather in a column of white light first before trying this exercise so as to protect you from harm.
using feathers to clear auras
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