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Dominoes: Reading and an Experience

Tarot, astrology, rune, palm, numerology, face, aura and more..

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Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:53 pm

Have used this technique for a few years now; seven, I believe. Is alot of fun!

In my family, we are rather spread out. If one member is passing through a town with another member (or a few) in it, we gather up and meet. Who knows when the next go-round will be. And, even if for a dinner, we break out the cards, board, any communication or reading method we use. In my family, that is predominately Tarot and Tea leave.

When I first brought this to such a reading session, I was seen a bit as the novice trying to be cool. Made my own set of dominoes out of pieces of wood from a craft store and still had the meanings jotted on a few sheets off a yellow pad. lol, I was definitely not taken seriously. But, then the reading began. The details pulled out in this technique is comparable to tarot and playing cards (my other preferred method).

One 'sympathy' read turned into six on-demand. By the end, I had more requests than I had energy for and people backing away and crying foul as these were not cards, leaves, or even runes (not common at these gatherings) but gave more details than we were used to. In truth, this technique was nearly banned from future gatherings. They spoke too much for showing so little.

Also, these do not have the feel of cards. They are not dark like the board. I rather see them grey over the light of the cards.

Method #1:
Lay all the tiles face down on the table and shuffle. Draw three tiles, shuffling after each draw.
**For simplicity and to keep all my pieces safe from loss, I keep them in a pouch and have the person draw straight from it. Rifling through the tiles each time they lower their hand instinctively triggers a shuffle.

Once the tiles are drawn, they are laid on the table, face down. You may organize these into basic shapes, if you like. If not, turn tiles face up and begin the reading.
**If one tile forecasts loss and another prosperity, they cancel each other out; read only the last tile.

*Do not recommend reading this way too often. Have found my set has a sharp temper and will short the answers if over done.

*Tarot is better for a conversation with the cards. Dominoes, in my experience, are all business. They don't like small talk.

Being that we are a card and tea reading family, we read tarot and tea leaves mostly, but also playing cards, which my mom and I introduced to the family reunions/read sessions in the early to mid 1990s. I was still in high school. But, seeing how we traditionally dead with cards and leaves (and leaves do not require a spread), as my bringing dominoes to the family meetups, we adopted their use into card spreads.

Most spreads are not well received by the tiles. But, some, can be integrated: Past, Present, Future (and read as such, not the above cancelation rules) and The Wheel work best. The first six cards of Celtic Cross may be used as a spread as well, but do this only sparingly. As I said, these tiles get testy. Do not try to incorporate card spreads until you've become intimately bonded with your tiles.

Another option done, is after the tree are drawn and read, draw five more to expand the insight. (Be ready. Have never seen tiles sugar-coat anything)

What we return to, in reading the tiles is the Draw-Three. From there, we reshuffle then Draw-Three again, reading as per Method #2, asking an insight question to the original query. This also keeps the tiles happy.

**For learning purposes, hold strictly to the 3-tile layout and rules--other either method.

The meanings of each tile are as follows:
A Six-blank tile.
Watch out for danger from water, avoid voyages at sea. Also be wary of gossip, scandal and treacherous friends. This domino could also indicate death in your group of friends or family.
A Six‐one tile.
Foretells a wedding. Also warns of danger from fire. Pay attention to your health. Anticipate news, which could be good or bad.
A Six‐two tile.
This is a good time to start new projects, but with well thought out plans. Good luck is headed your way if you are honest. Take advice from friends with a grain of salt.
A Six‐three tile.
Indicates a positive travel experience, during which you may receive a gift. Happiness coming your way. Also this tile is considered to be lucky for those in love.
A Six‐four tile.
Expect success from speculation and investments. Watch out for disagreements on the domestic front.
A Six‐five tile.
Symbolizes friendship and a benefactor. Stick to a project you are working on. Beware of some troubles approaching.
A double‐six tile.
This tile is considered to be a very lucky one, the best one of all. The future holds happiness and prosperity for you. Expect much joy, success and the realization of ambitions.
A Five‐blank tile.
Decisions should not be made with haste. Keep a watchful eye on budgeting and curbing selfishness. A crisis may be looming, proceed carefully, not impulsively.
A Five‐one tile.
Surprising invitations or unexpected money are likely. Beware of possible financial disappointment.
A Five‐two tile.
A sign of a birth. Be wary of unexpected treachery from someone close to you. Be open to new friendships.
A Five‐three tile.
Currently your life is running smoothly. Donʹt pass up a good opportunity. Good news and help from outside sources will come your way.
A Five‐four tile.
Expect surprises, possibly a financial windfall. Take advantage of offers made to you.
A double‐five tile.
Indicates changes for the better. Be open to new career. Accepting an invitation will cause positive changes in your life.
A Four‐blank tile.
Expect disappointments in love. May experience marital difficulties. Overcoming these difficulties will require tact.
A Four‐one tile.
Financial difficulties are predicted. A blissfully happy marriage is likely, with many children as a result.
A Four‐two tile.
Expect change in career, love life or financial situation. Be wary of whom you trust. Gossip and slander may be troubling to you.
A Four‐three tile.
You will meet new friends and a person will influence your life greatly. Expect a comfortable lifestyle.
A double‐four tile.
This is a good sign for artistic, creative people. Signifies parties and events. Do not refuse invitations, as one of these parties may result in an important event in your life.
A Three‐blank tile.
Expect quarrels and arguments. Neither financial affairs nor love affairs will prosper.
A Three‐one tile.
Anticipate a sudden journey. As this is a negative sign, take heed in agreeing to anything, watch what you say to others.
A Three‐two tile.
Points toward a good and happy marriage. Positive changes, new friends, and promotions are likely. Exercise caution with speculations and investments.
A double‐three tile.
Great financial wealth is indicated, perhaps through a legacy.
A Two‐blank tile.
Mixed fortunes are likely with this tile, positive for travel or journeys, and negative, financially, for those who are honest. Be patient, your difficulties will dissipate with time.
A double‐two tile.
Expect success in business with this tile, but not great wealth. A good home life is predicted. A secret wish will be fulfilled.
A One‐blank tile.
Be prepared for a visitor, who may be a stranger offering interesting news. Be watchful of friends, one may be an enemy.
A double‐one tile.
No need to worry about a problem, as it will take care of itself. You may meet a longlost friend, or receive unexpected news. Avoid borrowing money.
A double‐blank tile.
This is the unluckiest sign. Disappointments and unhappiness in all aspects of life lie ahead.

Method #2: AKA "New Method"
**Have also melded this to Method #1. Read the three as first described, then reread as stated here--as matching per desired tiles.

"In this new method remove all half‐blanks and double‐blanks from the set of dominoes, then put the pieces face down, shuffling them for at least three minutes. Next, choose one piece at random with your left‐hand and discard it, then remove another piece at random with your right hand, discarding that. Continue to discard pieces alternately with the left and right hands until there are only three pieces remaining. Then, keeping these three pieces face down, shuffle them again and place them in a row. Turn the centerpiece over and note the number of dots on each side of the center line."

**If you keep your tiles in s pouch, carry two pouches. One for tiles and one for holding the discards.**

Read these two numbers in conjunction as follows:
The smallest of the two numbers:
One. No changes predicted in the near future.
Two. Donʹt anticipate good luck.
Three. Expect good luck soon.
Four. Not necessarily unlucky but nothing to get excited about either.
Five. Anticipate definite good luck.
Six. Expect prosperity, happiness and very good luck.

The highest of the two numbers:
One. Relates to married life.
Two. Concerns affairs of the heart.
Three. Has to do with financial matters.
Four. Relates to journeys and travel.
Five. Concerns friends and social life.
Six. Relates to career and business.

"The method of reading: For example, if the center piece of the three pieces, happens to show three dots on one side and six on the other side (a 3‐6), then, according to the above, the reading would be: Three (the lowest of the two numbers) ‐ Expect good luck soon. Six (the highest of the two numbers) ‐ Relates to career and business. Therefore, as these two tiles are read together, the final reading concludes that one should expect good luck in business or career."

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When I am gone and all light is lost, you will see me again...

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Mon Aug 07, 2017 5:02 pm

This post is also meant as an exercise in adaption. Write down the meanings in a way you can recall by both feeling and word.

Six-Two --
Good time for new projects, if bearing well thought out plans.
Good luck pays to honesty.
Take friendly advice w/grain of salt.

Double One --
Bad time to borrow money.
Problems take care of themselves; ease the worry.
Unexpected news.
Long-lost friend crosses path.

I've rewritten most of these to show the correlation between the tiles. Adaption to your way of thinking and the correlation also helps clarify the tools and insight given.
When I am gone and all light is lost, you will see me again...

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Tue Aug 08, 2017 7:59 am

lovely post shadow

I have a set of dominoes that were my grandads

I might give reading them a try

thanks shadow

hugs Shell
Smile it confuses them .

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Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:32 am

Lovely post Shadow of light - I may have to try this myself as it is very much a new one on me!

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Fri Sep 08, 2017 4:12 am

Thanks Shadow for breaking this down for us :thumbsup: I'm loving all the different reading forms. I was also impressed with the playing card reading you did for me. Thanks again for that. :hugs:

Looking forward to trying a few of these methods out

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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