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Why is there anything at all? Why not nothing? Explanation v2.1

Trying to understand the very nature of our existence and reality.

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Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:19 pm

Hello, I share my last explanation with you to this question.

Why is there anything at all? Why not just nothing? Let's first define the exact opposite of nothingness! The exact opposite of nothingness is: 'everything existing' or 'all existing things'. Well, since I solved it, the answer lies within why nothingness can't be. Just imagine if there's nothing existing at all, how can the word nothingness mean anything? The word nothingness has no meaning if there's nothing existing at all. If there's nothing existing at all, the word nothingness can't exist either. If there isn't anything existing at all, there isn't anything that can support the fact that nothingness should be and not everything existing. There simply can't be nothing existing at all. We and everything around us exists without a beginning because nothingness can't be at all.

Well, how much is there of everything existing? You forgot one question: Is there an 'end' without a beginning? If you have a 30 cm long ruler. The beginning is at 0 cm's and the end at 30 cm's. Now remove the beginning, the ruler is no longer a ruler. It's only a piece of plastic now. Therefore there's no end without a beginning. And no beginning and no end doesn't only represent a no time beginning. It also represents that there's no limit of everything existing. Like: there are limitless different existing things (water, iron, rock, ∞ etc.), including limitless amount of each existing thing (limitless amount of water, limitless amount of iron, limitless amount of rock, ∞ etc.). You can shorten everything existing or all existing things and just call it: 'limitlessness'. Everything existing = all existing things = limitlessness. Limitlessness is not getting bigger or smaller. It's simply limitless. No beginning and no end.

Are we alone? There are limitless different species, beings, aliens, animals, insects, creatures, etc.

Are there other universes? I have no use for this word. I use limitlessness, everything existing and all existing things. With universe you can easily say another universe. However you cannot say another limitlessness/everything existing/all existing things, because as supposed to, it doesn't make sense! There's only one limitlessness/everything existing/all existing things. Even though you can't say "one" because it's limitless.

Other realities (different possibilities) then? Yes, like your dreams when you sleep. Best example for realities anyway.

Why do I dream when I sleep? Logically because you lose your consciousness here when you fall asleep. But without a beginning, there can't be an end either. Which means you can't cease to exist. If you're not here, you're elsewhere. The same example applies to death. Life can only change, however it can never end.

Is this real what I see and experience in my dreams? First, who said that dreams are dreams and that they are only dreams? And second, if we live in a limitless existence, how could they not be real? Dreams are only as real as here and now. This is because in a limitless existence there's no the centre/the centre of everything existing/all existing things/limitlessness. Just remember the example with the 30 cm ruler! A way to explain why there's no such thing as the realest place of everything existing/all existing things/limitlessness. You may think your dreams seem nonsense compared to this reality. But they think exactly the same way about our reality.

Is there a god? If everything existing can be there without a beginning, there's no need for a creator.

Time? Time without a beginning has no meaning. Time can only exist as a clock (watch). Your memories isn't the past either. It is only stored information that you can access. Like: you have not been to the x place, you've got only an image copy of the x place in your brain! Stored files on your computer is a good example. There's only the now. Everything existing is always in motion, you're a part of it. You're still in motion even if you don't do anything.

My past life (the opposite of the afterlife)? A life as a human being is only 1 of limitless other ways to exist. You don't think everywhere the same way (different realities, different beings/aliens). Because if you could remember your past life, short after you would ask yourself who you were before that life! You would have then an endless loop. This is why our memories are fading away over time. There's simply no origin to remember.

Afterlife? This knowledge only reveals that you can't cease to exist.

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