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Just an idea

Trying to understand the very nature of our existence and reality.

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Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:41 pm

If you take Average Joe (non psychic) his mind would be in a particle state, as observed in the quantum world. If you take Jane who is psychic, her mind would be more akin to a wave state. Say she can bi-locate, etc.. her mind is not in a particle state as it can be in multiple places at once, maybe many places at once. Another example of this would be, if Jane is precog, and perhaps can read teh past as well, her mind could be in say in past, present, future, all at once. Which possibly could mean time travel is kinda/maybe possible.

I"m personally not gifted, but if anyone has anything to share or add or discuss, is kinda an interesting idea, well, at least to me anyway.

Have a good one peoples!

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Sat Nov 02, 2019 4:06 pm

I've always thought of the brain as a hybrid between a computer and an antenna. People who are spiritual are constantly trying to tune this antenna to the frequency which connects them to the outside world.

It's an interesting way to think about it. But those quantum particles would all need to be synced and aligned properly (I would think) and that's asking for a lot. But it seems like it could explain why some people have dreams which come true. Or why I can tell if something belongs to someone or not.

Everything gives off energy, all were doing is reacting to it. . . Cool

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