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Is The Ouiji Board The Real Deal?

Is this just for fun or a serious tool and if so is it dangerous?

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Is The Ouiji Board The Real Deal?

Don't Know
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Wed Jul 19, 2017 3:58 pm

Based on your own personal experience and not from what someone has said to you or have read. Is this the real deal? Can it actually be used to communicate with spirit and the dead or is it just a parlor game?

I voted 'Don't Know' as I haven't witnessed anyone communicating to the dead because I personally wouldn't touch it, gives me the creeps.... and seen it in too many horror movies to risk doing, How about you?

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Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:29 pm

I have played with the Ouiji board when I was a child. I have heard many stories but not allowed to tell you other peoples lol ha.
My experience was when I was 12 I went to a friends house and she got the board out. We kept asking if anybody was there .. a glass flew off the side of the cabinet..
I ran so fast home crying as I was so scared. My mum went nuts. She said never bring one in the house! My mum was a strong psychic medium but scared of her gift.
She didn't like anything like this and i have respected her wishes. I have also watched the films and listened to the stories which have put me off having anything to do with them.
I think if people use these without any knowledge of what they are opening up and brining in to their home it could be pretty dangerous.

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Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:48 am

It depends on what you are using for as with any tool does. I have heard stories that would make your hair turn grey. Anything that connects through a fear based tool - its almost like a sense of forced communication and perhaps a misunderstanding between you and and the board itself. I just sat and watched someone using it and yet still managed to get hurt. Probably because the fear got to me and I was a sensitive soul. I never did understand what it said about me back then but by that point, it wasn't important. I did take the sensible route though and got out when I could. I have never asked what it said nor have I asked anyone else who played it at the time what happened to them. I do feel that people using it could open themselves up to a plethora of negative energies though and fearful emotion, which could attract perhaps the wrong type of energy that you didn't want to attract....thus getting into a negative cycle that one is unable to get out of... still prayers of protection work in that scenario and also shielding & grounding also helps.
PS - I clicked the wrong choice in the poll above, my answer should have been another answer.
Oh well!

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Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:27 am

Nope. First, who said we're gonna be ghosts when we pass away? And second, think about the physics! If they can move objects anyway, why not just use a pen or a computer keyboard? :D

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